During the festival period, we usually have sunny, warm weather. The organisers cooperate with the Slovak Hydrometeorological Institute, which will, during the festival, prepare a weather forecast specifically for the region of the Trenčín airport three times a day; the forecasts will be published on the organiser’s website In case of bad weather, all the important areas will be covered. Since you can't bring an umbrella to the area (for security reasons), we suggest bringing a raincoat or rubber rainwear and boots. Given the expected long exposure to the sun, we recommend that you protect yourself sufficiently against possible sunstroke (baseball caps, hats, sunscreen and protective creams, plenty of water, etc.). There will certainly be enough drinking water at the festival. Trenčín airport is the perfect combination of grass and concrete flatwork. All the areas with expected higher concentration of people are located on concrete grounds or in the tents with solid floor, in order to prevent creation of mud or dust. Main pedestrian corridors are also located on concrete grounds. The festival takes place in any weather with the exception of natural disasters. Current weather information can be found at