Pohoda Visual Art Contest


Pohoda Visual Art Contest 2019

Pohoda is proud to announce the 5th Pohoda Visual Art Contest, where you can design an artistic installation for the festival grounds. The fifth edition will offer space also for more demanding realizations, as the winning design will receive €3,500. You are invited to submit your proposals by May 13th, and we will announce the selected proposal one day later at Pohoda deň_FM.

Basic conditions

- Proposals must be submitted by mail in the application form in A4 format. Each proposal must contain a visualisation of the artwork (free graphic method).

- Authors must be able to ensure the actual implementation of the work.

- The contribution for one piece is €3,500.

- The work must be safe, controllable, and in accordance with applicable legislation of the Slovak Republic. 

After the conclusion of the public call for the Pohoda Visual Art Contest 2019, the proposals will be evaluated by a professional jury. The jury will select the proposals that will receive a financial budget of €3,500 for their implementation, and subsequently they will be presented at Pohoda 2019.


14 April 2019 - 13 May 2019: Open call for proposals
13 May 2019: Meeting of the Jury
14 May Pohoda deň_FM: Announcement of selected projects
01 July 2019 - 10 July 2019: Installation of artworks at Pohoda 2019
11 July 2019 - 14 July 2019: POHODA FESTIVAL !!!
14 July 2019 after 12pm: Disassembly of the installed artworks

Jury (preliminary): 

Ilona Németh
Zuzana Pacáková
Tereza Maco (Žumpa Gallery)
Michal Kaščák (Pohoda festival)
Michal Sládek (Pohoda festival)


You can download a full wording of the contest conditions here. 

You can download the application form here.