The security of festival visitors is a priority for us. The security is being taken care of by a security service. It is established to protect visitors and keep guard of the festival area. Security is recognisable by their uniforms (with the word SECURITY). The security service is complemented by the Stewards and volunteers. It is forbidden to bring any objects that represent a danger to security or health - see the Restrictions section. For a pleasant festival, it is necessary to follow the instructions of the security and organisational service within its remit - in order to be at the festival it is necessary to wear visitor identification - festival bracelet. Off-site security is ensured by the City police of Trenčín, and members of the civil, military, and railway police. The responsibilities and duties of the security services: checking tickets and festival wristbands (including the tent city), personal search (to prevent bringing dangerous and unauthorised items), escorting out of the area (persons without wristbands, aggressive people, people endangering the safety, unauthorised retailers and retailers infringing on the contract of sale, dealers of any drugs or psychotropic substances ...), guidance of the movement or evacuation, prevention of the entry of visitors into restricted areas, assistance to the disabled at the entrance into barrier areas and backstage, information on medical services, protection of performers, visitors, and festival facilities. We kindly ask you to report any problems with the members of the security services, or any security risk or threat to the organisers at the emergency hotline +421 800 500 090