It is strictly forbidden to bring into the area of ​​the event any glassware and bottles, pyrotechnic articles of any kind, open flames, any type of gas rings or camping stoves, umbrellas, dangerous items, drugs, psychotropic substances, flammable substances and weapons of any kind (including kitchen knives), bicycles, skateboards (and other boards), inline skates, scooters, and similar vehicles. It is not allowed to bring tape recorders, film cameras, camcorders (including DV, DV Cam, Beta Cam, Super VHS, ...), professional cameras or selfie-sticks. Making sound, film, or video recordings is strictly prohibited, even for private use. Exceptions to this requirement are fully automatic consumer cameras, which, however, shall not be used for taking pictures of performing artists. Forbidden are also flying drones and similar mechanical devices. Crowd surfing (moving on the hands of a crowd of people on your back) and stage diving (jumping off the stage) are strictly forbidden. Smoking is forbidden in the Daylong Kids Park and all tents. It is also forbidden to camp in the parking lot and outside the designated areas.