First aid

In the event of an accident or if you suspect health problems (of anyone, even strangers), contact medical personnel. There are several ambulances with medical personnel available 24/7. In addition, there are fixed medical tents marked with a red cross. Other paramedics move around the festival site. The tents also offer refrigerators to store insulin or other medicines. The exact location of medical stations will be included in the festival area map, please see the Maps section. Information on the location will also be provided by members of the organisational service or at the Pohoda information desk.

If you are in urgent need at the festival, and unable to reach medics nearby, call our emergency infoline: +421 800 500 090

In the event of an accident away from the festival medical service (e.g. in the city, at the station, etc.) call 112 or search for a hospital. We wish you a happy stay and sound return.