Drugs are forbidden at the festival. Their selling and use are illegal and we warn the visitors that the police will monitor the situation. Civic associations for drug addiction treatment operate and provide advice at the festival. Users of ecstasy should remember that alcohol, sun, heat in the dancing tents, and energy output all dehydrate you quickly and, therefore, remember to drink plenty of non-alcoholic drinks (min. 3 dcl/1 hour) and rest regularly (min. 10 min./1 hour).

Users of injection drugs should remember that festivals are not totally hygienic. Think of the others and protect them from your used needles - you can dispose of them by putting them in a plastic bottle or a can, that can then be tread or stepped onto and then thrown into a waste bin. Never use bins for separate waste for such a use, as these are sorted later manually.

Should any problems connected with drug use occur with you or anybody else, in order to preserve their health, please do not hesitate to contact our health service, doctors in ambulance stations, workers of civic associations for drug addiction treatment or the organisers. Until the rescuers come, place the person in the recovery position to avoid suffocation. You can never be sure that the drugs which are offered to you do not contain other dangerous additives. It may also be difficult to estimate their strength. The combination of drugs and alcohol with energy output may be fatal.

The festival offers a variety of programme and it’s a place where strong emotions arise. Enjoy it without unnecessary problems.