Drugs are forbidden at the festival. Their selling and use are illegal and please note that police will monitor the festival grounds. At the festival, there are drug addiction treatment organisations and organisations involved in drug prevention, counselling, and reduction of risks related to the use of drugs in terms of harm reduction. People who use any drug should think about the risks associated with it, which can endanger health and life (for example, in combination with other drugs, direct sunlight, lack of fluid intake, exhaustion, heat in tents). Last but not least, it should be remembered that drugs may contain various impurities that can cause various unpredictable mental/physical conditions. Therefore, regular rest, shade and regular fluid intake (especially water, at least 3 dcl/hr) are necessary. If you do plan to use a drug, do not take it alone, have someone with you who you can rely on.

Should any problems connected with drug use occur with you or anybody else, in order to preserve your/their health, please do not hesitate to contact our health service, doctors at ambulance stations, workers of addiction treatment organisation, workers of harm reduction organisations or organisers. Until rescuers come, place the person involved in the stabilised position so that suffocation is avoided.

Users of injection drugs should remember that festivals are not absolutely hygienic. Think of others and protect them from your used devices. Avoid throwing needles into separate waste bins (it is hand-sorted). Dispose of them by dropping them into a plastic bottle/can and closing the container, or by stepping on the container and throwing it in a trash can. You can also bring them to the SEX/DRUGS stand at the dance arena for a safe disposal.

The festival offers a very varied program and it's a place where strong emotions can arise. Enjoy it without unnecessary problems.