Camping sites

Camping at our festival is free (included in the 3 day ticket). Camps are an integral part of festival area, therefore they are open from 11.7., 14:00. There are two camp sites within the Festival area – one on the direction from Trenčín for the pedestrian visitors, the second from the village Opatovce.

Camping sites are set up on adjusted grass surface next to the runway. Area of the camp site is prepared to host all visitors who decide to pitch their tent, regarding capacity. Camping in the camp site is reserved only for visitors of the Festival. There are sanitary facilities and tanks with drinking water.

Camping will be divided into sectors with marked paths. Please, respect the safety distances for escape, do not block the paths. Camping at the parking place or outside the designated space is forbidden. Tents built outside the designated areas will be packed together with all belongings and stored at a camp-manager stand in the closest camp-site where they can be picked up by the owner after his/her identification.

It is forbidden to make fires, use camping stoves or gas rings with open fire on the camping sites, as well as in the whole festival area. Of course, it is forbidden to use explosives of any kind, crackers and bangers included. If you smoke be careful. In case of fire, there are barrels with water and buckets in the middle of every sector – please, keep them in usable state and do not steal the buckets. In case of fire contact organizers and fire-fighters – there will be couple of fire engines parked on the festival site.

When you throw away any waste try to use the closest waste container, or at least leave the waste tightly packed in plastic bags. Each tent will get 2 plastic bags. One will be for recyclable waste (plastics, paper, metal), second one will be for other waste. We kindly ask you to tighten the plastic bags and take them to the closest barrel or container or to leave them on the spot (see more in the Waste section). If you do not get the bags or you fill them up, please, contact the volunteers in the area of camping site. Other limitations which are valid also for the entrance to the camping site can be found in the chapter Restrictions.

Organizers are not responsible for any losses or damages of any visitors´ possessions in the area of camping site therefore we recommend not to leave any valuables in tents unattended. If you bring any valuables to the festival, please, use the safe. It is forbidden to enter camping site by car, please, use the parking lot (see the Maps section for more info). Follow the instructions of the organizers. To camp outside the camping site is not permitted.