The tent camps are included in the festival grounds and are open from Thursday, 11 July from 2:00 PM until Sunday, 14 July until 12:00 PM.  Camping at the festival is free of charge. One tent camp (for pedestrian visitors) is located in the direction of Trenčín, and the second tent camp is headed towards Opatovce.

Camping in the tent camps is reserved for festival visitors only.

Camps are divided into sectors that are separated by footpaths—emergency corridors. We kindly ask that you keep a safe distance when setting up your tent and keep the footpaths clear. Camping on camp corridors, in the parking lot and outside the designated areas is prohibited; tents set up here will be folded including their equipment and stored in the camp managerʼs office in the nearest tent camp. The owners can pick them up there: identification will be requested.

It is forbidden to start fire in the tent camps throughout the festival grounds, as well as to use fire cookers with open flames; explosives of any kind, including fun pyrotechnics, are forbidden. If you smoke, do so with caution. The camps are equipped with water barrels and buckets for emergency in case of fire. If you spot a fire, please contact the security service, organising service or firemen immediately. There are several fire trucks docked in the festival area.

If you have rubbish to discard, try to use the nearest bin or leave your waste wrapped in plastic bags. Each tent will receive 2 plastic bags for waste disposal. Yellow bags are intended for separate collection (plastics, paper, metal), black bags are for other waste. On departure, please tie the bags and take them to the nearest container or large container. You can also leave them in place (see the Waste section). If you did not receive waste bags or you have already filled them up, please contact a camp manager or volunteers in the camp areas. For all additional restrictions that apply also on the entry to the camps, see the Restrictions section. 

The organisers are not responsible for the safety of items in the tent camps, and, therefore, we recommend not leaving valuables, money, etc. in your tent. If you carry valuables, use the cloakrooms. It is forbidden to enter the tent camps by car. Please follow the instructions of the organisers. The camps are equipped with sanitary facilities and potable water tanks.