3-day ticket

59 €
edition 970 pcs SOLD OUT

69 €
2000 pcs SOLD OUT

79 €
next 3000 pcs

89 €
till 22.5.2017
after sold out 6000 pcs

Pohoda, Airport Trenčín
6. – 8. july (TH,FR,SA)
+ Camping included
99 €

till 5.7.2017
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99 €
+ 20 € service fee


Buy and print the ticket at home

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Festival packages

Buy a 3-day ticket with accommodation

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Entrance via specially designated gates with an official document proving disability (e.g. valid disability card) and an ID card. In a case of combo ticket both persons must enter the festival area together.

for a person with severe health disability

69 €
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double ticket
for person with severe health disability and their care

89 €
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Pohoda & Rock For People

We offer the opportunity to buy a ticket for both festivals at a discounted price again.

138 € Buy combo ticket

Children under 12 years of age (including) - free entrance

Children must be accompanied by their parent or a legal guardian and it is advisable to bring an ID to verify their age (e.g. an insurance card).


30 € on-site

Parking – Sector P1

20 €
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Parking – Sector P2

17 €
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Parking – Sector P3

14 €
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Moto parking

14 €
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Caravan parking

Parking only for caravans.

79 €
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Security box on valuables is available throughout the festival 24 hours a day and is for 2 persons.
Each locker also includes two electrical plugs.

25 €
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Camp Hotel Tent Inn

Tent for the whole festival for 2 visitors from 6. 7. 2017 14:00 to 9. 7. 2017 10:00 + 2 foam sleeping pads and 2 blankets.
Tent Inn, with its own reception, is the closest accomodation to the festival centre.

49 €
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Special festival trains

Tickets for special festival express from Košice and Bratislava are available in ZSSK points of sale or on Ticketportal.

Bratislava – Trenčín

7,90 € Buy hometicket

Košice – Trenčín

9,90 € Buy hometicket

Kysak – Trenčín

9,90 € Buy hometicket

Spišská Nová Ves – Trenčín

9,90 € Buy hometicket

Poprad-Tatry – Trenčín

9,90 € Buy hometicket

Liptovský Mikuláš – Trenčín

7,90 € Buy hometicket

Ružomberok – Trenčín

7,90 € Buy hometicket

Official presale

Points of sale

you can find list of all outlets on Ticketportal.sk
Bratislava, Kozia 20
Pezinok, Kollárova 12
CD Aquarius, Luigi
Trnava, Štefánikova 5
CK Motýľ
Trenčín, Belá 6469
Dom kultúry
Púchov, Námestie slobody 1401
Dr. Horák
Bratislava, Medená 19
Galéria Akcent
Nitra, Štefánikova 2
Kníhkupectvo a antikvariát Pod Vŕškom
Nitra, Kupecká 7
Knihkupectvo Martinus
Bratislava, Obchodná 26
Bratislava, Staré Grunty 24
Martin, M.R.Štefánika 58
Žilina, Námestie A.Hlinku 7/B
Nitra, Akademická 1
Košice, Toryská 5
Poprad, Námestie svätého Egídia 3290/124
Považská Bystrica, Centrum 8/12
Kníhkupectvo Radosť
Bardejov, Radničné námestie 39
Kníkupectvo Christiania
Poprad, Nám. Sv. Egídia 3004/108
Kultúrno – informačné centrum
Trenčín, Mierové námestie 9
Martin, M.R. Štefánika 3
PX Centrum – TIK
Považská Bystrica, Centrum 16/2
Zvolen, Nám. SNP 12
Lučenec, Zlatá ulička 13


Considering the experience with fake tickets, which occurs every year, we would like to warn our visitors not to buy tickets at any other place but in our official sales outlets. Official selling places can be found above on this page. Ticket sales kiosks at the Festival will be located at both public entrances, i.e. at the entrance from the village Veľké Bierovce (entrance for drivers), as well as the entrance from the town Trenčín Nozdrkovce (entrance for pedestrians). You should buy tickets only for the price stated on the tickets. Tickets are protected against forgery by numerous protection components invisible to the naked eye. Bar codes on tickets will be checked at the entrance. False tickets will not be accepted and the purchaser will be responsible for the financial loss. Each visitor will receive a wristband as a form of identification. Thank you for your understanding, to all who buy valid tickets.