3-day ticket

Pohoda, Letisko Trenčín
11. – 13. July 2019 (TH,FR,SA)
+ Camping included
4000 tickets, or until 23.9.2018

89 €
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Lístok 2019


Because of incidents with fake tickets, which occur every year, we would like to warn our visitors not to buy tickets at any other place but in our official sales outlets. Official selling places can be found above on this page. Ticket sales kiosks at the Festival will be located at both public entrances, i.e. at the entrance from the village Veľké Bierovce (entrance for drivers), as well as the entrance from the town Trenčín Nozdrkovce (entrance for pedestrians). You should buy tickets only for the price stated on the tickets. Tickets are protected against forgery by numerous protection components invisible to the naked eye. Bar codes on tickets will be checked at the entrance. False tickets will not be accepted and the purchaser will be responsible for the financial loss. Each visitor will receive a wristband as a form of identification. Thank you for your understanding, to all who buy valid tickets.