Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
We Are Gearing Up for Sunny Days at Pohoda

We Are Gearing Up for Sunny Days at Pohoda

Even before the latest forecasts predicted sunny and warm weather, we had significantly increased the number of parasols with seating for the 2024 edition. Today, we have also expanded the shaded seating area by adding hundreds of square metres. Additionally, we have increased the shaded areas at the festival stages and bars. The partner zones also promise plenty of shade. Throughout the day, we will be watering the festival paths, and special misters will be available in the showers in front of the Urpiner stage.

09. July 2024

Drinking water will be available without restriction. Please primarily use the hygiene zone in front of the Urpiner stage, where the drinking water is supplied from the mains and therefore cannot run out. In the other part of the site, over 80,000 litres of water will be available in water tanks from the first delivery, and this will be replenished as needed. Always turn off the taps on the water tanks after use to prevent unnecessary water wastage. Stay hydrated, and of course, there will be a wide range of beverages available at the festival bars.

In higher temperatures, pay extra attention to hygiene, especially hand hygiene. Hand sanitiser will be available in the toilet zones.

We are preparing for hot days, so please take care of your own health too. Wear caps, hats, or any head coverings, use sunscreen, drink plenty of water, and maintain hygiene. We believe that together we will enjoy joyful sunny days full of relaxation at Pohoda.