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Walter Schnitzelsson at Pohoda 2019
At the end of 2013, Walter Schnitzelsson released their amazing debut Fever which earned them the Newcomer of 2013 Award (Radio_Head Awards). In January 2016, they represented Slovakia at the largest showcase festival Eurosonic, and released the second album Sugar kids won’t stop screaming earlier this year. Before their autumn tour, this great home rock'n'roll band will perform in an even more consistent form with a new fourth member, "the concert guitarist", at Pohoda 2019, too.

10. June 2019 Walter Schnitzelsson at Pohoda 2019

Walter Schnitzelsson were founded in 2010. They’ve been playing in the line-up of Jozef Rezník (guitar, vocals), Jakub Joštiak (bass) and Miroslav Michale (drums) since autumn 2011. Their music is a mixture of rock'n'roll, blues, punk and contemporary indie. The songs are dominated by distinctive guitar riffs, catchy melodies and energetic rhythms. In November 2013, Martina Šimoňáková wrote the following about their: “Fever presents an exceptional record for Slovak conditions. Energetic rock'n'roll, songs about courage, love and good parties – all this plus great dance fever on top.” 

The second album was released after over five years. The band rewarded their fans for longer waiting with a personal and more developed album in terms of sound. The record was produced by themselves. Compared to their more straightforward debut, this one consists of more mature songs that reflect the time gap between albums. As Martina Valentovičová from writes: "Compared to its predecessor, this record is more mature, which is supported by inventive interludes." However, there is also a catchy festival mood present in the songs and guitar lines that you’ll remember right the first time you hear them. The guys are hitting the road in autumn, but before that they’ll also present their new album at festivals, including Pohoda.