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The 24th Edition of Pohoda Festival is postponed to 2022, this summer Pohoda on the Ground will take place

The 24th Edition of Pohoda Festival is postponed to 2022, this summer Pohoda on the Ground will take place

The 24th edition of Pohoda Festival has been postponed by a year, again. The full-fledged festival will be taking place between July 7 – 9, 2022. “The decision was made based on discussions with experts. We truly feel sorry about this, but we consider this decision to be the right and inevitable one. That said, we have started working on a series of smaller festival events titled “Pohoda on the Ground” that we are planning to organize at Trenčín Airport this summer,” says Michal Kaščák from Pohoda Festival team.

07. April 2021

All festival passes purchased for the 24th edition of Pohoda Festival (both, the 2020 and the 2021 batches) remain valid. To keep the ticket for the next year is the best way to support the festival in these times. At the same time, to those who need it, the organizers guarantee a full refund of the ticket. On the website, we have set up a section Pohoda 20 → 22 where you can find information on the rescheduling of the festival as well as a manual on how to get the tickets refunded. The organizers are trying to get the artists and bands who were confirmed for 2021 rescheduled to the next year.

Pohoda has always collaborated with top experts. The decision to reschedule the event was made after discussions with epidemiologists Zuzana Krištúfková, Mária Štefkovičová, Alexandra Bražinová and mathematician Richard Kollár. They all confirmed that to organize an event with the capacity of 30,000 visitors in Slovakia this summer seemed unrealistic. What is important for international festivals is the situation in other countries, as well. In the last couple of weeks, several artists canceled summer tours as well as festivals that fit in the schedule with Pohoda. With this decision, Pohoda organizers have obtained extra time to prepare a series of smaller festival events titled “Pohoda on the Ground”.

“We would like to ask those who have tickets for this year to keep them for 2022. It’s only thanks to our festival-goers’ support that we have been able to continue as a team. This support makes it possible for Pohoda to continue in the future and we are so grateful for it. We hope the situation will get better soon and this year’s Pohoda on the Ground will be an exceptional get-together with the club scene to restart and follow in the fall and we also hope that 2022 will be the year when we will meet at Pohoda at full strength. We can’t wait to celebrate art, freedom and togetherness,” adds Michal Kaščák.

The Pohoda organizers will talk with epidemiologists and other experts about the decision to reschedule Pohoda as well as about the upcoming festival “Pohoda on the Ground” in more detail during a live stream debate on Festival’s Facebook profile (the stream will be made available on this link: this evening starting at 6 PM. During the live stream, anyone can participate by posting comments or by sending questions via #pohoda.

The re-confirmed and new names for Pohoda 2022 as well as news on Pohoda on the Ground Festival will be gradually posted on the Festival website and Pohoda’s social network pages.

See you at Pohoda on the Ground between July 7 – 11, 2021, and at the 24th edition of Pohoda Festival between July 7 – 9, 2022.