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Shibuya Motors at Pohoda 2019
Last year, Miroslav Tóth presented himself with “The Quartet of Tentacles Reaching Out” composition (dedicated to the memory of J. Kuciak and M. Kušnírová), which was delivered in the world premiere by the Kronos Quartet. He also performed with Thisnis project, which is representing Slovakia at ESNS 2019 next week. Miroslav is also going to perform at Pohoda 2019, this time with Slávo Krekovič and other musicians with their project Shibuya Motors nominated for the RHA (Radio Head Awards) in the experimental music category. The best one-sentence description of this band provided “The came, destroyed us and left us grinning.”   

08. January 2019 Shibuya Motors at Pohoda 2019

Shibuya Motors. Tough, but liberating. Grindcore, free improvisation, free jazz, heavy metal and noise all in one. Shibuya Motors is a band founded by Slávo Krekovič and Miroslav Tóth in 2006. Gradually, the best European drummers joined them – Didi Kern (Fuckhead, Bulbul, etc.) and Balázs Pándi (Merzbow / Mats Gustafsson / Pándi trio, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble, Zu, Venetian Snares, etc.). It is rather difficult to describe this band – it must be experienced in a whirlwind of extensive singing, saxophone, heavy electronics, and massive combination of double drums.

Advojka wrote the following about them in the Festival Alternatíva review: “The highlight of the evening was provided by the Slovak freestyle improvisation avantcore formation Shibuya Motors, complemented by drummers Didi Kern and Balázs Pándi. Thanks to them and their rhythmical conjuring, the sound of the ensemble, which is based on the aggressive electronics of Slávo Krekovič, moved closer to the hardcore and metal level, completed by Miroslav Tóth and his shrieking saxophone and screaming.” The website adds:  “More aggressive places were dominated by Didi Kern (i.a. Poisonous Frequencies) and Balász Pándi (although it lacked more of his typical heavy cymbal massacres) stood out), otherwise playing with Japanese legends. As for the slower and more curious parts, Toth's yodelling stood out. They came, destroyed us and left us grinning." Miroslav Tóth himself said about the band: "The abnormality of Shibuya Motors is that it's an extreme and occasional project. For me, this band is liberating like a jump into another ocean. It’s over the limit in term of the noise, physical presence and the music speed and it’s enough to have a few concerts a year.” We are all the more pleased that Shibuya Motors will play Pohoda 2019.