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Scouting for Girls
Positive emotions are a basic ingredient of the pop-rock band Scouting for Girls. During the ten years on the scene, they have received four nominations for the BRIT Awards, four albums in the TOP 10 UK chart, four singles in the TOP 10, and a total of over two million sold albums. In October, they re-released the 10 greatest hits and 10 new songs, which they will perform also at Pohoda 2018.

11. January 2018 Scouting for Girls

Singer Roy Stride, bass guitarist Greg Churchouse, and drummer Pete Ellard have known each other since they were children. While at the college, they recorded the demo “Keep On Walking” that went into the final of the Glastonbury competition for independent beginning bands. They then built a fairly strong fan base on MySpace. Muzikus wrote about them: “They received fans similarly to members of Scout Clubs: the trio sent to each of them, a diploma, a badge, a confirmation of admission to the fan club, and even a demo CD”. Their eponymous debut album was produced by Andy Green (Keane, KT Tunstall). The album topped the UK chart and won three nominations for the BRIT Awards (just like Adele did). They released seven singles from the album, but the most successful one was released only after three years. The song “This Ain’t A Love Song” replaced Lady Gagaʼs “Telephone” at Easter 2010. They were nominated for the BRIT Awards for the song; the piece was at the same time the first single from the second album, “Everybody Wants to Be on TV” (with made it to the second place in the UK chart). In 2012, they released the third album, “The Light Between Us”, that was followed by a selection album a year later. In October 2015, they published “Still Thinking About You”, that was followed a few months ago by the re-release of the ten biggest hits and ten new songs called “Ten Add Ten”. Scouting for Girls are also known for their child-centred charity activities (WellChild, Children in Need) and elderly-centred activities (Alzheimer's Association). They have never pretended to be extremely artistic. The bandʼs goal is to enjoy themselves and entertain people with music, which was pretty clear on the autumn, the tenth anniversary of the first album, tour. You can listen to their optimistic songs also at Pohoda 2018.