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Practical advice, not only for festival newbies
In less than 24 hours we will open gates of Pohoda 2019.For many attenders it already begins today with packing for the festival.That is why we have prepared a brief overview of useful information for you.

10. July 2019 Practical advice, not only for festival newbies

Getting to Pohoda

The Pohoda site has two entrance gates. One is closer to the city from the side of Nozdrkovce/Biskupice villages (Gate B) and it is intended for pedestrians (coming from TN or by public transport) and bicycles. Access to the car and caravan parking is located from Opatovce village (Gate O). For better navigation, use the section Maps on our website. Parking is sold out and we therefore recommend you to use the shared transportation #spolunapohodu via our webparty, any public transport (there is non-stop shuttle service operating from both bus and train station) or our special buses. Every festival day, special buses will take you to the exit near the pedestrian gate (GATE B). After the end of the programme on the main stages, they will take pick you up from the main stage (from the hospital). There are still a few spots in special trains from Bratislava and Košice available. Special train or bus tickets can be bought here:

Gates opening + entry for family with children and PWD/PWD with assistance

Festival gates open Thursday 11/7 at 02.00 p.m. Parking is open from 12.00 p.m. The Caravan Parking opens along with the festival area, at 02.00 pm. The festival is open nonstop, including tent camps and parking, until Sunday 14/7 until 12.00 p.m. (when the festival grounds must be vacated). Families with small children (up to 5.99 years) and PWD card holders have special entrances. These are located at Gate O on the right side of the gate and at Gate B on the left. People holding a PWD plus assistance card have to come to the festival together with their assistant. Leaving the festival is no longer necessary at the same time if the PWD card holder is able to leave the festival without the assistance of the accompanying person.


Parking is sold out, there are no other spots for cars or caravans. Parking spaces reserved for motorcycles are still available. If you have not paid for parking and you bring attenders, you have to drop them off at the parking lot gate. In exceptional cases (pregnant women, children), the parking crew will allow the car to enter the parking lot. After the attenders leave the car, it has to vacate the parking lot. It is possible to sleep in the car, too. Just keep in mind that the length of the car in the parking lot must not exceed 5.5 meters. Watch out for this limit especially when it comes to vans. Camping in the parking lot area is strictly forbidden. The car will be identified by a parking sticker that serves to return to the sector you have purchased.


Behind each festival gate, there is a campsite where you can camp for free. An extra charge for a tent spot is necessary for the special campsites only: Family Park and Family & Silent Camp – they have been sold out for several weeks and one ticket guarantees a spot for one tent.  The tents at PSS Fox Village are officially designed for 5 people, more people in tents can be allowed by the reception staff. If you and your friends want to stay next to one another in Tent Inn campsite, it is necessary to come at the same time, as the camping vouchers are exchanged for Tent Inn bracelets on site.

Festival with children + Kids/Junior entry

KIDS passes apply to persons aged 6 to 12 (inclusive), and these have to be accompanied by a parent or guardian. The parent or guardian must have purchased their own valid festival pass. JUNIOR passes apply to persons aged 13 to 17 (inclusive). Attenders aged 13 - 14 must be accompanied by a parent or a legal guardian at the festival. The parent or legal guardian of an attender aged 14 (including) must have purchased their own adult ticket. Persons aged 15 - 17 must have a valid ID card on them – accompaniment of their parent or legal guardian is not necessary in this case.

In addition to a great programme, Family Park offers decent facilities for families with children. There is a nursing and changing tent, which includes a microwave to heat milk. Families can also borrow trolleys. It is essential to take care of the hearing and comfort of your children primarily yourselves. In order to enter the Family Park programme, you do not have to have a place in the camp. Only attenders with special bracelets will get to the area of the family tent camp.

What to bring / no to bring / not to do

Attenders are recommended to bring clothes suitable for any kind of weather. Take warm and waterproof clothes, but don't take umbrellas. In addition, it is necessary to bring your health insurance card, ID card, toiletries, money (or credit card) or necessary medication. Raincoats and wellingtons can also be useful, make sure to take headgear of your choice – caps, hats, scarves, etc. Think about your health as well as the protection from the sun (sunscreen, headgear, water intake...).

It is strictly forbidden to bring into the area of ​​the festival any glassware and bottles, pyrotechnic articles of any kind, open flames, any type of gas rings or camping stoves, umbrellas, dangerous items, drugs, psychotropic substances, flammable substances and weapons of any kind (including kitchen knives), bicycles, skateboards (and other boards), inline skates, scooters, and similar vehicles. It is not allowed to bring tape recorders, film cameras, camcorders (including DV, DV Cam, Beta Cam, Super VHS...), professional cameras or selfie-sticks. Flying drones and similar mechanical devices are also forbidden. Crowd surfing (moving on the hands of a crowd of people on your back) and stage diving (jumping off the stage) are strictly forbidden. Smoking is forbidden in the Family Park and all tents. It is also forbidden to camp in the parking lot and outside the designated areas.


Pohoda Music Program consists of over 120 artists and bands from 31 countries around the world. Times and places of concerts can be checked in the mobile application Pohoda powered by Orange on our website in the sections line-up and timeline, as well as in the festival press (bulletin, festival map with line-up and festival .týždeň). This year we are introducing changes in the times of the beginning of the individual concerts. There will be extra ten-minute breaks between the concerts. You can use the line-up feature to select and print the list of your preferred shows this year as well.


The festival offers more than 200 flush toilets, more than 500 chemical toilets and several “pee zones” marked with pictograms. Toilets for disabled visitors are also available at the festival. Showers and washrooms are located in the hygiene centres opposite the Urpiner stage, next to the Orange stage, and in the Family Park. Please note that the water in the showers and washrooms at the Orange stage is not potable. Please use water tanks and food stands to get water.


Pohoda aims to produce the smallest possible amount of waste. Thanks to active visitors and volunteers, the produced waste is turned into secondary raw materials or it is thoroughly separated and we strive for its ecological processing. A unique solution is the establishment of collection points, where trained volunteers use the help of visitors to thoroughly separate plastics, paper, metal, and biological waste. The collection points operate non-stop, they also function as educational centres, and you can learn here how to separate correctly and what is the life cycle of various materials.


In case of any problem, do not hesitate to contact the paramedics; there are 6 fixed paramedic facilities at the festival that are marked with a red cross on a yellow background. Refrigerators in the paramedic facilities are ready to store insulin or other medicines. Don’t gamble with substances that are harmful to health, prohibited, and the content of which is unknown to you. Protect yourself from sunlight (use hats, drink plenty of water, apply sunscreen). Maintain basic hygiene, especially wash your hands. Protect yourself also from excessive noise (earplugs are available at the Pohoda shop).

We are looking forward to seeing you tomorrow at the 23rd edition of our festival and we wish you a lot of Pohoda :)