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Pohoda festival is located at the airport in Trenčín, Slovakia. If you come by car, just type in your departure destination in the box above, select a car icon, and Google Maps navigation will guide you directly to the festival parking.

You can also share a ride on our Webparty, by using #spolunapohodu (#togethertopohoda). If you have place in your car, or if you search for a ride, please let us know. You'll help the nature and meet new people.

In cooperation with ZSSK, we'll dispatch a special fast-train from Bratislava and Košice. Special trains are on-sale through our Shop. There is a special party wagon in the train from Košice.

In cooperation with Slovak Lines, we dispatch Special buses that will bring you to the festival gate. Tickets from various Slovak cities can be purchased at

For those coming by "regular" train or bus lines, all you need to do is get to Trenčín's main station, which is at the same spot both for trains and buses. Then, there is a non-stop shuttle service operating from Trenčín's main station, that will drive you directly to the festival gate.

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