Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Pohoda opens its gates for the first time on Wednesday

Pohoda opens its gates for the first time on Wednesday

On Wednesday, July 5 at 6 pm we will open the festival parking lot, the two tent cities, the Silent Camp, the Tent Inn, Cottages Inovec and Trenčín (outside the Family Park), the 5-person tents (outside the Family Park), Capsula boxes for two and the caravan parking lot. The festival centre will be closed until Thursday 2 pm, so it will not be possible to walk from one tent city to the other. In both camps there will be a special programme, lockers, toilets, food and drink stands and health centres.

06. April 2023

Special arrangements will be made for caravans. If you have purchased a caravan parking ticket for the festival and wish to arrive on Wednesday, you will need to purchase an additional ticket for €39.   The Wednesday ticket can only be used in combination with an all-festival caravan parking ticket.  This will cover the increased cost of electricity and other services at the caravan parking lot. If you arrive on Thursday from 10 am, the price for caravans remains the same.

The Family Park will open at 2 pm on Thursday, July 6.

The reason for this is the ongoing reconstruction of the Class 1 road No. 9 between Drietoma and Mníchová Lehota, which is the main access route for cars coming to the festival. From this road it is possible to reach the festival parking via Veľké Bierovce and Opatovce. The road will be accessible only in the direction from Trenčianske Stankovce in a limited way, the bridge over the highway and the river Váh will not be passable. The good news is that Wednesday falls on the national holiday, July 5, which will naturally reduce traffic.

Visitors are urged to use public transportation as much as possible. We will be running buses from several Slovak cities starting Wednesday, and we are working with ZSSK to add additional train carriages to the regular train services. Unfortunately, we did not manage to organise an additional train for Pohoda.

If you are travelling to Pohoda by car, please fill as many seats as possible. If you are looking for a carpool, use the carpooling apps, and we will be launching our “Together to Pohoda” activity soon. We have about 6000 cars in the parking lot every year, so we want to spread out the arrivals as much as possible. Expect a longer drive to Pohoda. The highway exit Chocholná will be closed, so cars coming from the direction of Bratislava should use the exit Lúka and then continue towards Beckov and Trenčianske Stankovce. Cars coming from the direction of Žilina should use the exit Trenčín centrum and then continue towards OC Laugaricio and then towards Trenčianske Stankovce and Veľké Bierovce. Cars coming from the Czech Republic through the intersection Starý Hrozenkov – Drietoma are recommended to drive through Trenčín.

The pedestrian entrance will be open on Wednesday and the shuttle will also run on Wednesday.

The whole festival area will open on Thursday at 2 pm. Please note that until then you will not be able to enter the festival centre and it will not be possible to walk between the tent cities.

Please be aware that leaving the festival will also take longer due to road works. For this reason, we will keep the two tent cities open until 4 pm (instead of 12 pm) and the departure from the parking lot will be possible until 8 pm (instead of 4 pm).

We hope that you will welcome the expansion of Pohoda and that by spreading it over a longer period of time we will be able to cope well with the expected traffic problems in Trenčín and its surroundings caused by the reconstruction of road No. 9.

We wish you a safe journey and look forward to your visit.