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Performances at Pohoda 2018: TISO, Přes ploty (Through Fences,) Folklore not War, Gypsy Boxer and Kilometer-Long Dance.
A theatrical adaptation of correspondence between a man who was born in a concentration camp and a young “national socialist”. The centenary of the end of WWI captured in a play where notes of our great-great-great-grandparents from 1914 alternate with diary excerpts from the city of Rakka occupied in 2017. A monodrama about a boxer champion who was murdered in a concentration camp because of his gypsy origin and awarded the title 70 years after he won it. An unforgettable performance TISO we will dedicate to its original protagonist, the actor and legend Marián Labuda. The exceptionally powerful performances within Pohoda 2018 theatrical program will be complemented by kilometers of dance at the Trenčín airport site performed by the figures of the contemporary dance scene.

10. June 2018 Performances at Pohoda 2018: TISO, Přes ploty (Through Fences,) Folklore not War, Gypsy Boxer and Kilometer-Long Dance.

Slovácké divadlo Uherské Hradiště

Fedor Gál @ Matěj: Přes ploty (Through Fences) “Fences. Fences everywhere,” a sigh of the Slovak sociologist, documentarist, dissident and one of the authors of the play, Fedor Gál. By fences, Gál means fences between individuals as well as between social groups. He has a lot of experiences with them: overcoming such fences, mainly those opinion-related, via a dialogue is his life’s theme. When, one day, he receives an email from an anonymous national socialist Matej full of all kinds of attacks against the author’s Jewish origin, he does not delete it, but replies back. This launches a dialogue lasting for ten years. A theatrical adaptation of their correspondence is a unique documentary about the possibilities and limits of how two completely different people are capable of understanding each other. After the performance, a debate with Fedor Gál and authors will follow.

  • Directed by, scenography: Michal Skočovský
  • Adaptation: Martin Kubran, Michal Skočovský
  • Dramaturgy: Markéta Špetíková
  • Translated by: Miroslav Zelinský
  • Costumes: Kateřina Doleželová
  • Music: Ondřej Švandrlík
  • The cast: Petr Čagánek, Monika Horká, Pavel Hromádka, Martin Hudec, David Macháček, Pavel Majkus, Barbora Nesvadbová, Petra Staňková, Jaroslava Tihelková

Kilometrový tanec (Kilometer-Long Dance)

Dancer are said to dance kilometers away on the stage. Really? Come have a look how they reach one kilometer while dancing at Pohoda 2018.

Kilometer-Long Dance of author Katarína Zagorski is an experimental performance which tests if dancers, instead of working with the limited space on stage, can manage to stretch their dancing to one kilometer in an open space. In the special adaptation for Pohoda 2018, well-known figures from the Slovak contemporary dance scene will give it a try at the festival site: Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Soňa Ferienčíková and Radoslav Piovarči. Each dancer will dance a kilometer solo and then they will merge into a kilometer trio interacting with festival space.

Concept: Katarína Zagorski

Dancers: Martina Hajdyla Lacová, Soňa Ferienčíková and Radoslav Piovarči

Uhol_92: Folklore not War

A year ending in eight 2018 reminds us of the end of the WWI anniversary. The war has not always just taken place “there”, on the screen, affecting “them”. Slovak men and women experienced it from near as well. That’s the reason why we have so many stories and folk songs. In this dance-theatrical play, electronic music and contemporary dance become a surprising ally of Slovak folklore in their mission to mediate the message of our great-great-great-grandparents. The Gemer dialect mixes with a harsh-sounding dialect of Trnava region, notes from 1914 alternate with diary excerpts from the city of Rakka occupied in 2017. Maybe it’s enough to just open your eyes and ears. Folklore not War.

  • Concept, directed by: Alžbeta Vrzgula
  • Choreography: Zuzana Sehnalová
  • Music by: Stroon
  • The cast: Kaťuša Gurová, Zuzana Sehnalová, Viera Šedá
  • Scenography, costumes: Alžbeta Kutliaková
  • Production: Katarína Marková

Cikánský boxer (Gypsy Boxer)

Monodrama of Filip Teller

“You have to punch from the heart.” Hans would like to forget. To forget the day when as a kid he met his friend Ruki who gave him an apple. The day when Ruki took him boxing and when the Nazis started to ban him from boxing. To forget the day they met again in a work camp and had to box against one another to entertain the SS men. Memories are like beasts which Hans cannot escape.

A play about friendship which was forbidden in the Third Reich yet remained true beyond death. The story of Ruki, the boxer, reflects the life of Johann Trollmann, called “Rukeli” born in 1907 in Hanover. Trollmann became German Cruiserweight Champion in 1933. In 1944 he was murdered in a subcamp of the Neuengamme concentration camp.

  • Written by: Rike Reiniger
  • Translated by: Lucie Ceralová
  • Directed by: Gabriela Krečmerová
  • Performed by: Filip Teller

The unforgettable performance TISO opened the tenth edition of Pohoda and is regarded as one of the theatrical highlights of our festival. The lead in the play back then was an amazing actor Marián Labuda. TISO at Pohoda 2006, that was an auditorium filled to capacity, hundreds of people who couldn’t get in standing in front of the tent, absolute silence interrupted by frenetic applause and standing ovation and long applause at the end. When the performance ended, Marián Labuda was sitting next to the tent for quite a long time: exhausted, drenched in sweat, looking surprised and really happy. The new version features his son, Marián Labuda Jr. We would like to dedicate this year’s theater performance to its original leading actor, Slovak acting legend, Marián Labuda.