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Lola Marsh concerts in Žilina, Bratislava and Trenčín have been cancelled
In connection with the spread of coronavirus in Slovakia, we decided together with band Lola Marsh to cancel the remaining concerts of their Slovak tour. Several municipalities have gradually canceled cultural events and similar recommendations have been made by authorities in relation to private organizations. As we have previously announced, we were following the development and experts’ opinions all the time and we follow their recommendations.

09. March 2020 Lola Marsh concerts in Žilina, Bratislava and Trenčín have been cancelled

We also thank the band and Nina Kohoutová for a fantastic concert in Košice and we hope that Lola Marsh will come back with their new album as soon as possible. Since Slovakia is basically the band's second home, they have already shown great interest in their return. We will try to organize the tour so that it will take place in all the mentioned cities.

Those who bought tickets for the cancelled show will have their money returned. However, since it’s more than 2000 people, we ask for patience. We want to close the return process by the end of March 2020. Information on how to proceed can be found on our social networks and on the website Please, send us your order number and your IBAN (where we should return your money) to Make sure to claim your refund no later than March 27, 2020.

Thank you for the huge interest in Lola Marsh concerts, we are very sorry about this situation, but we take seriously the attitude of the responsible institutions and the call of local governments, and follow the recommendations of experts from both Slovakia and abroad. Health and safety always come first.