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Little BIG at Pohoda 2019
Little Big is a rave/hip-hop phenomenon from Russia that has dominated the European dance scene with their contagious hits such as “Skibidi”, “Faradenza”, “LollyBomb”, and “Big Dick”. Their funny videos have almost 700 million views on YouTube. Little Big refer to themselves as a satirical-artistic collaboration that uses hyperboles and parodies of a variety of stereotypes about Russia and about Eastern Europe. They are currently on tour that brought them to Bratislava, where they performed yesterday. Sabrina Faramarzi of the portal described their Friday concert in Berlin as one of the most bizarre and the most impressive concerts she has ever seen. She also said they have the potential to become Russiaʼs most interesting music export. Less than two months after the Slovak premiere, Little Big will also perform at Pohoda 2019.

14. May 2019 Little BIG at Pohoda 2019

Little Big indeed had a rocket start. The first video for “Every Day Iʼm Drinking” was released on April 1, 2013 and just three months later, they opened the Die Antwoord concert at the St. Petersburg club A2. At the end of the same year, the Vice magazine published an article about them. Shortly after that, they released the album Russia From Love and a year later came out their second studio album Funeral Rave (2015) that made it to the TOP 10 of the Russian Apple Music. In 2016, they won two awards at the Berlin Music Video Awards for their videos for songs “Give Me Your Money” (Best Performer) and “Big Dick” (Most Trashy).

A major breakthrough in their career came in October 2018, when they released the second part of their third album, “Antipositive, Pt.2”, which immediately became number three in the Russian Apple Music chart. The main part of this success was the song “Skibidi”, which had more than 20 million views on YouTube already the first week after the release. The viral success of the video was also due to so-called “Skibidi Challenge”, in which people mimic dances from the video. This way, the central element of the choreography became immediately the most popular meme in Russia, imitated also by many TV stars, rappers, and influencers. Just a quick example: the Tit Tok network has over ten thousand videos uploaded daily with the #skibidi hashtag.

All the bandʼs videos are created by the co-founder of Little Big, Alina Pasokova. Journalists compare the band to Die Antwoord with Russian aesthetics. When it comes to artists who influenced them, the band members name Cannibal Corpse, NOFX, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rammstein, The Prodigy, as well as Mozart and Vivaldi. In addition to concerts on the biggest stages in Russia, they also play regularly in Western and Central Europe, with performances at festivals such as Sziget, Dour, Lowlands, and many other. In less than two months, the band will entertain and make dance also visitors to our festival.