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Laug-Techno-Bau Klub: Friday
There is electronic music for dancing masses and then there is electronic music for fans of boxes. For the third consecutive year, we have a selection of top acts from the area picked by Adam Dekan and Matwe ready for those from the second group. If the airport had a dark, industrial underground, that would be a place where this music would be played. Since there is no such thing at the venue, you are invited to listen to the unique alternative electronic music at Laug-Techno-Bau Klube.

26. May 2017 Laug-Techno-Bau Klub: Friday

Sine Ray
Sine Ray is a project that offers dance music performed live. Genre-wise, it’s a mix of IDM, house and techno intertwining with sounds of modular synths, drum machines and percussion. To a large extent, the concept is based on improvisation, which makes each performance unique. Sine Ray are:
Adam Dekan (modular synth) – a long-time sound innovator, founder of several music projects and of the Triple Sun Records platform;
Martin Madro (percussion) – musician who put a special percussive kit together for this particular project
Tasun – DJ and producer, who has releases on a variety of foreign labels under his belt (drum machines, bass lines)

Új Bála
Új Bála is Gábor Kovács, a Budapest-based artist and producer with a flair for gritty techno. Új Bála summons the rhythmic skeletons of dance music to bring order to his backdrop of mangled synth noises. His music is a grotesque soup of intense, grainy, nostalgic moods, dingy, stripped down rhythms, off-kilter exotica, post-punk and plenty of misanthropy.

In his live sets AC/Boy unleashes an accelerated sound. Drum machine attacks strike violently, yet elegantly, manipulating and crashing melodies to become completely minimal breaking beats. The interventions of bass lines and distorted kick drums connect through glitch harmonic synthesizers mixing between faders and overdrive effect sequencer sources. The music is supported by AC/Boy’s intensive stage performance combining his command of the electronic instruments, the structural design of notes swinging and jumping into sessions of dark ambient arrangements, and his dynamic performative presence.

Disco Møreti
It all started in the year of 2001 when he bought gramophones and started to do djing with a nick-name Click Joe. While he studied in Brno, he started to organize first parties called Magion in Fleda club. Later he changed for Café Sklenick. It was the beginning of the legendary Muah! community /vinyl-shop and series of parties/. Nowadays the phenomenon revives in Kabinet Muz twice a year. Now he lives in Prague. Disco Møreti took care of the program at Café V lese and Café Neustadt. He also helped out in MeetFactory. Disco Møreti is a lover of all-night-long story-telling chill-out trips as well as of energy house and techno sets.

Tittingur is Dominik Suchý and Matúš Mordavský: a high-tonnage duo based between Bratislava and Copenhagen, rooted between techno and electronic music. They give their music the label of MAXIMAL TECHNO as a sound opposite to minimal. Lynch-like atmosphere, at times dusty and at times sharp sounds are not far from the work of the likes of Ben Frost, Tim Hecker, The Body or Container. They play music from their debut, LAVINA, which was released in January 2017 through Exitab.

PSJ is one of the key representatives of the current Czech house scene. He’s opened for the likes of John Talabot, HVOB, Mano le Tough ATA, Manamana, Phuong Dan, Massimiliano Pagliara. PSJ is an artist related to Disco Møreti since Filip was also a part of the Muah! Movement in Brno. His sets are well-thought out; house and electronic music cleverly mixed into a dance cocktail full of love.

Sky To Speak
Originally an audiovisual duo Sky to Speak, i.e. Matěj Kotouček (music) and Ondřej Synáček (visuals and projection) has transformed into a formation ranging from one to four people in the last four years. Their repertoire oscillates between psychedelic sets and spectacular instrumental concerts. The first record from 2011, Film, is an artifact of band’s audiovisual era. In the fall of 2013, drummer Erik Netušil joined Sky to Speak and in December, they released a new EP, Ruin, which moves Sky to Speak towards a more compact analogue sound with elements of psychedelia and dub. Last year they released a split record with Pacino. Currently, their lineup features Jíří Pospíšil from Superego Kid on keys and a guest drummer Tomáš Tabiš of 52 Hertz Whale.

Casi Cada Minuto
He opened for the likes of Loscil, Andy Stott or Grouper. Besides local and Czech stages, he played his sets in Austria or Berlin. He also composed music for several student films. Born Slavo Herman, he tries to capture landscape paintings developing deep in your subconscious a few moments before you drift off into deep slumber. His barely comprehensible loops seem to never end or begin. He released his debut In White Rooms in 2012 through Exitab and followed up on it with split-LP with Imre Kiss called A-Sides (2014). From minimalism to complex sonic textures, this is the music Casi Cada Minuto will offer at Pohoda 2017.