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Inspirative discussions in Optimist-Tent
Debates are a waste of time and are getting nowhere. It’s just philosophizing and they all end with the same outcome: In Slovakia, it is what it is… If this is your view on debates, you’d better give Orange Foundation’s Optimistent at Bažant Pohoda a try.

04. July 2015 Inspirative discussions in Optimist-Tent

Instead of empty talk, you can meet there representatives of eight non-profit organizations who will talk about how they actually change the places where they live and what they experience. For instance, Orange Foundation in grant-aided project Šanca pre váš region (A Chance for Your Region) supported the river of Hron that is in danger because of electric power plants construction works and riparian vegetation clearance. Also, you will see there members of an informal group Ľudia zo zátoky (People of the Bay) who want to turn an unkempt sports ground located in Trenčín into a recreational area.  

Milan Šimečka’s Foundation has focused on the topic of poverty and of how to fight it for a long time. Besides individual pieces of advice, the most resounding one says “If you want to have a good life, start studying.” What is the quality of education system in Slovakia like though; how can the so-called charter schools help and when can they be expected to appear here; in what ways will the teachers need to change? These are the topics Citizens’ Organization Nové školstvo (New Education System) will talk about.

A few days back, he didn’t win the Slovak Ice Hockey Federation presidential elections, but he is still determined to do his best for ice hockey in Slovakia. At Optimistent, World Champion from 2002, Richard Lintner, will be talking about where junior hockey is now, about its quality and what can be done better and differently. Apart from Richard, coach Ernest Bokroš and a young hockey player Marco Hochel will join the debate.

International project of League for Mental Health – ZIPPYHO KAMARÁTI (Zippy’s Friends) supports kids’ mental health in their later lives. The quality of life improvement is also the aim of autistic center Andreas dedicated to people with autism. Motion comedy From the ZOO will lighten Friday’s program. In his performance, the graduate student at JAMU, Brno, Pavol Seriš, combines features of pantomime, stand-up comedy and dance.

Saturday morning at Optimistent will focus on kids too as we will be opening the program with a discussion “Cool Parent.” Citizens’ organization Návrat (Return) and their guests will be talking about when kids are doing good. The bottom line is: You don’t have to be perfect; to be a pretty good parent is good enough! :-)

The same goes for those who have kids diagnosed with ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Many grownups don’t know that the diagnosis can be preserved even until adulthood. When we grow up, are we a chimpanzee or a bee? Good or bad? We delude ourselves that our morals are based on objective values. Based on the research, it looks like that it’s our subconscious and prejudices that rule our decisions. Why this is so and what to do with it are the main topics of the Fair Play Alliance debate.

After that, Pontis Foundation will follow up with the topic of the level of transparency our country has. We’ll also talk about the myths and facts in the creative industry and, again, the program will get lightened by theatrical arts. Stoka Theater will present their play Victory. Besides other things, the audience will learn that even the infinite openness toward humiliation can be considered as attitude toward life. 

What is the most effective way to ruin your life through Facebook? Maybe this concerns you and you don’t even know it. Two specialists in the field of psychology, Marek Madro and Vladimír Hambálek, will be talking about whether an excessive use of social networks leads to self-destruction or it’s just false alarm.