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Inovec Huts nad Tent Inn presale
Today in our web shop, we have launched the possibility to book the cozy Inovec huts and the tents at the Tent Inn. In addition to a convenient location in the immediate vicinity of the grounds and a special reception service, these facilities are furnished, which will make your backpack much lighter. This year we have 30 Inovec huts available for sale for €229 and you can rent a tent at the Tent Inn for €49. Higher comfort accommodation has been increasingly popular, which is evidenced by the record fast sale of huts and the increasing number of tents booked at the Tent Inn as well.

28. September 2017 Inovec Huts nad Tent Inn presale

One of the most favourite option at the festival are the wooden huts. Our colleague Vlado Jurčák prepared the first huts exclusively in the production of our festival. We named them Inovec, by the highest mountain visible from Trenčín. Inovec huts for two people are very comfortable. The cottage will be equipped with mattresse (160x200 cm), 2x pillows, 2x blankets and solar LED light. The price for one hut for 2 people/3 nights is €229. Cottage, located in the festival area, for the whole festival for 2 persons from 5. 7. 2018 14:00 to 8. 7. 2018 10:00.

Tent Inn has a perfect location right next to the festival site; of course, there’s going to be a reception with nice staff that, if needed, will wake you up for a show you don’t want to miss. This year, a tent for two people including two ground cloths and two blankets costs 49 € for three nights. Last year, your interest in the Tent Inn was so enormous that we had to increase the total number of tents twice, as well as the very area designated for them. Now the total number of available tents is being sold with no further addings, so hurry up if you are interested.