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While listening to the bands from this year's Eurosonic offering the Housewives were massively standing out and hearing the record either something really special was to be expected or a total flop. Before their gig began we made our way through to the front of the crowd and what followed was an explosion of creativity and pure musical joy. Their appearance was something like a seanse in a music-science laboratory where four crazy scientists - each one of them searching in his own universe where the entities collide, smash, fly together for a while just to split again and create the real universe for daring space travelers.

05. February 2018 Housewives

Occasionally they give a reminder of the Czech scene in the 80's but in a fresh, modern shape. Immediately after the gig you start haggling because you know you want them on Pohoda.

Housewives are a London based experimental four piece creating music on the boundary between noise and sound. Their austere, rhythmically charged music has a distinctively cold, minimalist edge; abrasive guitars blend with droning bass lines and propulsive, relentless drums. Their live approach is anti-performance, using a stark and minimal aesthetic coupled with intense and powerful compositions. Often using home made instruments, they explore unique sonic textures creating a challenging and progressive sound.

They’ve gained major plaudits from the independent music press and the British scene as a whole. After a sold out tape on Faux Discx they released their debut album ‘Work‘ with Hands In The Dark, Blank Editions and Negative Days. A split release with touring partners Massicot is to be followed by a second live album ‘FF061116‘ released with Rocket Recordings in August 2017.

You can verify all this in July on Pohoda. It's worth it.