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Helena Hauff
She is one of the best DJs and producers of the contemporary alternative electronic scene and a passionate collector of extremely dancy, obscure vinyls. Her sound palette is genre-wide and razor-sharp, and her sets include the mixture of techno, acid, industrial, kraut electro, and EBM, her style can be also described as “retro sonic digital noir”. It is not by accident that Mixmag chose her mix as the Essential Mix of the Year 2017. Yes, Helena Hauff will perform at Pohoda 2018.

31. January 2018 Helena Hauff

Helena Hauff's musical beginnings are linked to the small underground club Golden Pudel in Hamburg, where she held her first sessions. She had her producer debut in 2013 with the label Werkdiscs when she released EP Actio Reactio, which also helped to turn a number of picky electronic-tuned ears her direction. Since then, she has had a number of releases with various labels such as Ninja Tune, Werkdiscs, Panzerkreuz Records, Handmade Birds, Lux Rec and others. In 2015, she also set up her own label, Return to Disorder, which releases dirty electronic music similar to what she plays in her DJ sets. It was through those sets how she gradually built her position on the world music scene. One of the comments on YouTube described them “as if Kraftwerk and Underground Resistance were organising an orgy together”.

Helena Hauff reaches for the jewels of the past, mixing them with the current sound and not even worrying about radical musical positions. The result is a dark but dancy blend of electronic music that introduces the atmosphere of progressive German techno clubs. Her selection is precise, energetic, and thoroughly thought; she uses expertly curated, rare recordings of kraut electro and industrial bands of the 1980s that are rich in analog synthesizers, drums, expressive bass lines, sequencers, sounds of assembly lines, and cold vocals. Spiced up by current techno of about 130 BPM and “vinyl only” selection, her sets are a special category on the contemporary electronic scene. We are glad that she is coming to perform her art also at the Trenčín airport.