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Donny Benét
Thick moustache, cyclamen jacket, turquoise shorts, best of 80's sound banks, slapping bass, “sexi-sax”, drum machines, hedonistic songs, and a beach nightclub atmosphere where Matlock arrived to investigate another murder: a traveller in time and space, an inimitable imitator, a multi-instrumentalist, and, according to, also the sexiest man of the music industry, Donny Benét, will present the best of musical anachronism also at Pohoda 2018.

08. January 2018 Donny Benét

What was Donny Benét doing about 30 years ago? In the first episode of the science fiction trilogy Back to the Future, Dr. Emmett Brown sat him in his time machine and set the date to 2011. Donny was exposed to music thanks to his father, a great accordionist, bassist, and a lover of Italian disco. He worked for a while in Las Vegas where he moved to perform Tom Jones covers and disco classics. After returning to his native Australia, he had a breakthrough with his 2011 album Do not Hold Back. The recording won him the recognition of critics and he became renowned as the “nonchalant second hand prince”. Followed the second album Electric Love and the 2014 album Weekend at Donny’s that featured fantastic collaborations. Currently he released the singles “Work Out” and “Konichiwa” from the album which is expected to go public this year by Dot Dash / Remote Control.

His songs are thematically (following the 80ʼs music pattern) very much focused on sexuality. Nobody can say like Donny does: “I’m in the big apple/why don’t you come on and/take a bite”. Or, as Isabella Manfredi sings in his song Endless “Take off your clothes I wanna look at you”, which makes us think of Peter Stašákʼs notorious meme “Vyzleč sa!” (get naked). Jokes aside, besides all that fun around (Donnyʼs look reminds us of the fraudulent businessman Vareha and his music contains pathetic sound reminiscences that makes us think of musician Patejdl), Donny Benét offers top-class dance music with virtuoso bass guitar and keyboard parts and an incredible sound-colour feel. The déjà vu sensation is just illusive; in fact, this musical discoverer uncovers an incredible number of original musical ideas. In addition, no one can do the key Pitch wheel just like him. And what is Donny Benét doing now? This mysterious bonvivan is probably having a drink on some of the New South Wales beaches, as this is the time when summer culminates in his native Sydney. In half a year, when the summer will be culminating here, he will play his Miami Vice soundtrack and magnum charm also in Slovakia.