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Confidence Man
After their show at Glastonbury 2017, Gigwise wrote about them that they are one of the best live bands they have seen in recent years. Contagious rhythms and catchy bassline are praised by NME as well as Gigwise. The up-and-coming Aussie stars Confidence Man are coming to Pohoda 2018 with their electro-pop-disco-house and perfectly synced stage choreography.

24. January 2018 Confidence Man

Confidence Man members hail from other great Australian indie bands – The Jungle Giants, The Belligerents and Moses Gunn Collective – and besides having music in common, they also lived together under one roof. The band was founded as a result of a spontaneous jam, where one of the members sat down at the computer and started giving the rest a tune. They all started singing, yelling over the top of one another trying to steal the microphone. Then, they recorded more songs with the same purpose: to have fun. After their song “Boyfriend (Repeat)” was added to regular rotation on the Australian alternative Triple J radio, what started as a pastime of a group of roommates became pretty big in Brisbane. Soon they caught the attention of the audience as well as professionals at their amazing gig at the Australian showcase festival Big Sound Music and were approached by Heavenly Recordings record label.

During gigs, they perform under the following stage names: Janet Planet, Sugar Bones, Reggie Goodchild and Clarence McGuffie. They won favor with other fans and media at indie festivals Laneway, Golden Plains and GTM. The band were given most attention thanks to their appearance at last year’s The Great Escape and Glastonbury. After their show, Gigwise compared their sound to a combination of LCD Soundsystem and The B52s. What is typical of the band are their crazy outfits and synchronized dance moves. As Janet Planet says for Tone Deaf: “It’s about making this really awesome dance music that doesn’t take itself too seriously.”