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Competition for tickets to Pohoda – Spotify playlist
The great songs of the Pohoda 2018 artists made our Spotify playlist have a record number of followers. However, our selection does not have to correspond with yours, so we decided for another contest/challenge. Create a new playlist on Spotify, share your favourite songs from the Pohoda 2018 artists with friends, and you can win tickets to Pohoda. Three tickets will go to those three of you whose playlists will have the most followers on Monday 18 June at 10:00 am. All you have to do is to create a playlist named “Pohoda2018by”YOUR NAME/NICK” that will include at least 22 songs from the artists performing at the 22nd Pohoda. Songs must be added to the playlist between 31 May and 18 June (10:00). Send us the final status of the playlist as of Monday at 10:00 am in a message on the Facebook page of Pohoda. We will announce the names of the winners within two days of the end of the contest. You can get a bit of inspiration from our playlist or read the festival tips from Jana Kirschner...

31. May 2018 Competition for tickets to Pohoda – Spotify playlist
Who should we go hear and see at Pohoda 2018 according to Jana Kirschner:

“Looking at this yearʼs line-up of Pohoda, I have to say that it is very varied and also balanced in terms of male and female artists. This year, besides big names such as The Chemical Brothers, who were the total icons of their time, there are also names that really surprised me. In addition to Jamie Cullum, whom I last saw 10 years ago in New York, and it was one of my most amazing experiences, I am especially looking forward to St. Vincent, who, despite having studied at Berkeley (and I thought for a long time that she was a dry scholar), it turned out to be not at all like that, it is quite the contrary. St. Vincent offers, in my opinion, all the interesting things not only in terms of electro-pop music—she also comes with a great show. This musician plays many instruments and seeing her is quite an experience, as she often performed in amazing costumes. It will be great.

Then there is LP, who wrote lyrics for big pop names. She is such a pop punk, I really enjoy her and I am curious about her appearance and her live concert. Ziggy Marley. When it comes to Marley and all his children, I have weakness for them, so I certainly will not miss this concert. Jessie Ware is one of the most exciting pop appearances in Britain. This singer not only look just amazing, she also sings this pop music that makes sense and I really like it. Then there are, of course, Danny Brown and Rodriguez Kronos Quartet—this year I will play for the first time with a quartet (also at Pohoda—editorʼs note) and I was very inspired by these people who have played with names such as Paul McCartney and Björk. I am looking forward to them very much, because thatʼs what Iʼve been living for the last half year. Iʼm curious what they will surprise us with... Yet they donʼt need to surprise us because they are really great. tUnE-yArDs—a few years ago I came across their vinyl and when I played it at home, we all started dancing. I hope it will be so also at this yearʼs Pohoda. It is really fantastic. Then there is Fink, who is also Eddieʼs good friend and great songwriter.

Charlie Winston, whom I first saw I think in Clapham Junction, when he was not famous yet at all. He played for about thirty people, but he all got us and I became his fan then. Two years later, he had his first big hit. Charlie is really a live charming guy who brings amazing amount of music, and Iʼm curious how heʼs changed over the few years. Then there are many female performers I do not know, but Iʼd love to see them. And there is band Modré Hory, who have a great new album. There is one more thing that got me too (besides a million other things I can see here, and I canʼt even describe how much music is rolling at me), but there is Noisecut and Nora Ibsenová, just fantastic. Whoever came with this idea couldnʼt have done better. Nora is in my opinion one of the most interesting singers in Slovakia, and I am very pleased that Pohoda has made room for this connection because Noisecut songs are still alive and they deserve our attention.

Pohoda is more than a festival for me. Nowadays, it is for me already a tradition that we should live. Itʼs basically our duty; but it is one of the most pleasant duties that take place during the musical year in Slovakia. So donʼt miss it.”