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Childrenʼs Days at Pohoda – Workshops and accompanying activities
At ZSE Family Park, your kids can learn circus pieces, knit, spin the potterʼs pallet, make musical instruments and play them, practice family yoga with parents, try Montessori activities, and find out how to make brushing teeth fun every day. Besides that, the kids will be able to “give the life a dry run”, shed light on dreams, and listen to books. There will also be nature oriented workshops.

01. June 2018 Childrenʼs Days at Pohoda – Workshops and accompanying activities

Family yoga for the whole family

Children, parents, and even grandparents will discover a new way to spend time together in this yoga lesson from YogaShala. Family Yoga is particularly suited for young children who usually have difficulties focusing, as well as for older children and parents. The lesson works with the presence of several generations of a family, which makes it possible to transfer this exercise to the home environment as well.

Tent full of music

The students of musical and pedagogical faculties led by Eva Šušková and Martina Janegová have prepared a lot of activities: you can make musical instruments with them, play those instruments, and create this way the Recycled Orchestra that will also appear on the big stage.

Montessori activities

The Montessori Club in Trenčín will offer to children activities and aids that can help naturally develop their skills and knowledge. The Club follows the principle of “respect and be respected” and applies the knowledge and practices of Montessori educational methodology. One of its main ideas is that a child is a creator of him/herself: all children have a unique personality. Visit the trained instructors in the workshop tent.

Pottery pallet

The pottery pallet corner ins the workshop tent is the ideal place for children to get acquainted with pottery and make their own clay bowl or a jug. The two pottery pallets will make this popular activity available to several small potters at the same time.

Knitting workshop

For those interested in knitting, there will be lots of yarn and enthusiastic knitting lecturers. Knitting is said to be “grandma yoga”, but last year it was a great success for both males and females regardless of the age.


CirKus-Kus is the first Slovak school of modern circus and the traditional refreshment in the children's tent. It teaches healthy movement, creativity, and abilities, which are important skills for all children and adults alike. It focuses to teach children and make them perform gymnastics, juggling, acrobatics, balance, and theatre.

Eco-activities and creative workshops

The World Wildlife Fund / WWF is a worldwide organization known with its logo of a panda. It will offer playful interactive eco activities and workshops about nature in their separate stand. Children will creatively discover nature, make animals, paint and play here. And if things go well, a river full of life will will be created at the end.  


The favourite classes of drama education will once again allow the children to “give the life a dry run”. In a fun and playful way, they will learn from the different situations and challenges they will encounter later in life. This year, kids can look forward to two workshops here: Witches and Beyond Seven Mountains.


We will peep at the backstage of the International Witches and Magicians Meeting to find out who their biggest enemy is and who theyʼd better turn into a mouse. Come to get scared a little in the real horror for kids and help us discover who is truly nice under and who just acts nicely...

    Beyond Seven Mountains

Once upon a time, beyond seven mountains and seven valleys... Everyone knows this beginning of a fairy tale. We can find out where the beginning of the Slovak fairy tales is, who first narrated them, or whether the kingdom is saved by one of the three brothers or their sister, when we narrate Dobšinskýʼs fairy tales and experience them on our own.

Come shed light on dreams!

Artforumʼs interactive book show for children over 5 years of age. Dona Kichotová and her friend Sancha wander, and their packs are stuffed with kitchenware and willingness to fantasise. It only takes a second, and they find themselves conquering an ancient city during an argument. It can easily happen that even the audience will get involved in this journey. And then, they all fly to the moon or discover a new continent. The staged play with props on motifs of the book Time Travel by Peter Goes was prepared by Martina Jánošíková and Monika Kompaníková.

Dental Alarm

Do your kids brush their teeth properly? Dental Alarm workshop by Curaprox will show kids how to take care of teeth properly and will provide parents with a guidance on how to make brushing the teeth fun every day.

Listen to this book

There must be an afternoon spent with a book also at Pohoda. Wisteria Books advises all children: Listen carefully to the short piece of the story; if you know the answer to the question, you can get the CD with the whole audiobook!

    Listen to this book—read by Richard Stanke

Rišo will read a piece from the book Three friends and a truly fantastic treasure written by Babča Kardošová. A continuation of the successful childrenʼs book about Juraj who has a fantastic bunker and his friends in it—a horse, a dog, and a cat. The only thing missing is the Professor Smartʼs treasure and the finding that treasure is all that is precious to us.

    Listen to this book—read by Zuzka Porubjaková

Zuzka will read a piece from the book Grandma on the Ladder by Dušan Dušek. Once upon a time, there was a grandma and her grandson Little Fero! For every mischief, he would have his ears pulled, until the ears grew enormous. In order to get rid of them, he had to grow up and experience crazy adventures, to finally become František with normal-sized ears.