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Childrenʼs Days at Pohoda – music, sounds, voices
“Pohoda is an absolutely family-oriented festival with the highest concentration of great guys per one airport meter,” wrote the actress and moderator Kristína Tormová (until recently Farkašová) in her book “Stále som mama” (Iʼm Still a Mom). The first generation of “Pohodans” returns to the airport already with their children, last year there were almost two thousand kids. In fact, Pohoda is one of the largest childrenʼs festivals in Slovakia, not only with the number of kids but also with the great shows we have prepared for them. You can see great concerts, theatres, workshops, dances, and magic again this year at ZSE Family Park...

01. June 2018 Childrenʼs Days at Pohoda – music, sounds, voices


The member of one-person band Džumelec is Erik Sikora, who, after telling a good nightʼs stories in the bathroom and washing his dishes, composes documentary songs in which he tries to do nothing else but to name the world. He also has songs in which he tries to do something, like, for example, to create Tatica slovenská as a competitor of Matica slovenská (scientific and cultural institution focusing on topics around the Slovak nation). In his work, he discovered the addictive drug “popein” and learned to dose it in his songs, for every hit needs a pinch of it.

Pánko s kapelou

The concert of a non-traditional songwriter Pánko will bring playful music that will entertain both children and the whole family. It blends swing, bosanova, jazz, rock, and some of his songs are tinged with oriental influences. His sons help him write lyrics, so the songs describe well childrenʼs experiences of home and everyday life. The performance also includes an interactive mini workshop, where children learn to play different rhythmic instruments and have the opportunity to play with the band.

The Orchestra of the Trenčín Primary Art School and the Piarissimo choir

The Chamber Orchestra of the Trenčín Primary Art School has over 50 years of history and is currently conducted by the conductor Alena Piatková. The Choir of the Piarist Grammar School of Jozef Branecký in Trenčín, Piarissimo, was founded in 1990. In 1999, the regular choir turned into a classical mixed choir, interpreting polyphonic worldly and spiritual compositions of various style periods, from Gregorian chorales, through Renaissance and Baroque to contemporary modern spiritual and secular music.

Mouflon Ancijáš and the alien—public release of the book by Braňo Jobus & concert and painting

In the latest book by Braňo Jobus, the well-known mouflon Ancijáš gets to the universe. He started his long journey full of adventures simply to fulfil a promise and deliver a package to a space address. The presentation of the book will be accompanied by the formation Záhradné domčeky, which is the project of the band Vrbovskí víťazi. Záhradné domčeky will play pieces about Jobusʼs books, and book illustrator Igor Derevenec will work on a painting.

Childrenʼs Folklore Ensemble Vienok

Bratislavaʼs Childrenʼs Folklore Ensemble Vienok with a 50-year history focuses in their dances on the traditions from the regions of Western Slovakia and Bratislava. More than a thousand children have been its members, and their successes can be seen at the performances of Lúčnica, SĽUK, Gymnik, Technik, Ekonóm, and also in the Slovak National Theatre and other professional scenes. Their performance includes an interactive part for all who like folk dancing and songs and enjoy folk music.

Childrenʼs Folklore Ensemble Radosť

The history of the Trenčínʼs Childrenʼs Folklore Ensemble Radosť is equally long. The ensemble has performed on the stages of leading national and European festivals and received many awards. Its main mission is to guide children to discover the beauty of Slovak folklore and to bring Slovak traditions to a wide audience. Thanks to hard work, children's natural talent, and pedagogical approach, they manage to fulfil the mission.

Percussion ensemble Subina

Subina at Prievidza Primary Art School of Ladislav Stanček started in 2007. The ensemble was founded by Mgr. Peter Krško, with the philosophy being the joy of creative music. Members are mainly percussion students, but Subina also includes students from other music departments. The repertoire of the ensemble consists mostly of merry and optimistic original and rearranged compositions from various geographical origins and of different styles. They use various percussion and melodic percussion instruments.

Recycled Orchestra

An interactive concert and a great noisy happening with children who have made their way to the Tent full of music over the two days and have made their musical instruments there. The instruments are made from waste, creating a unique Recycled Orchestra. Conducted by Martina Janegová and students of the faculties of music and pedagogy, the performers will be many “Pohoda” kids.