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Changing Faces at Pohoda 2019
Changing Faces attracted attention already in 2016 at the Prague drum & bass Beats Evolution Conference. He performed at Pohoda a year later, and in 2018, he brought home a statue from the Radio_Head Awards for the Discovery of the Year. His timeless melodies, shiny drums, and hot bass base have already captured record labels such as Hospital, Med School, RAM, UKF, Spearhead Records and many more. The daily SME informed that he already has more fans abroad than in Slovakia. At Pohoda, he will play an energetic drum and bass mix, which will include the best selection as well as new, unreleased tracks.

06. June 2019 Changing Faces at Pohoda 2019

When Changing Faces played in Prague at the Beats Evolution Conference afterparty in 2016, he was immediately approached by the prestigious UK D’n’B portal UKF. The result was an interview titled “Who the hell is Changing Faces”. The description in the introduction says it all: “She single handedly managed to convert our status from ‘just a quick beer’ to ‘dancing way beyond bedtime’ (and our consequent hungover status for the final day of the conference) In a nutshell, she smashed it.” You can read the whole interview HERE.

Last March, he released a single with the Czech record label Hoofbeats music, which happens to be also the crew (and Changing Faces is their member). The single was also supported by the largest DnB media—UKF and Liquicity—and has been aired on BBC Radio 1, where Changing Faces also recorded a guestmix. At the end of May, he released a new track that is part of the Hospital Records compilation.