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Beardyman’s Dream Team
Three-times UK DMC champion, JFB, one of the best drummers in the world, Emre Ramazanoglu (Sia, Noel Gallagher, Alex Clare), world beatbox champion, Bellatrix, violinist and saxophonist, Ben Sarfas, UK Slam Poetry champion, Dizraeli, and one of the best MCs in the world, MC LeeN, have joined forces with a beatbox virtuoso, Beardyman, to create a freestyle super group and you will get a chance to see their incredible performance at Pohoda 2017.

05. January 2017 Beardyman’s Dream Team

In his performances, Beardyman, born Darren Foreman, mixes beatbox, stand-up comedy and loop show. Genre-wise, his music is influenced by drum and bass, dubstep, breakbeat, trance, techno, hip-hop, but there are other influences that define his work, for example reggae or classical music. Beardyman’s music is created by his voice alone. With the use of electronic equipment, he creates a spectrum of known as well as unknown sounds. He has released two albums to date: I Done A Album (2011) and Distractions (2013). He’s got his own show One Album Per Hour based on audiences’ suggestions chosen by a guest “producer”. Beardyman teamed up with Google and created the world’s first live broadcast interactive jam between him and Jack Black. The cooperation allowed him to record in multiple locations in real time. Beardyman is also a top-class inventor. He built the Beardytron 5000, a customized setup of tools that he constantly upgrades, because none of the existing machines was capable of producing what he had in his head. He introduced the public to Beardytron and its functionalities at his TED talk in 2013.

Pohoda festival-goers had a chance to see Beardyman’s talent two years back at Pohoda 2015. After his show, he told for Refresher that the most important skill in live shows is the ability to get over failures: “When you focus on perfection, whether it’s in the future, present or the past, you shut yourself off and nothing comes out of you.” Despite that, his freestyle is very close to perfect. This is particularly true for his latest project, Beardyman’s Dream Team. What a super group consisting of the best freestyle artists in the world is capable of live, that’s something you’ll get to see at the beginning of July 2017 at Trenčín Airfield.