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Bazzookas at Pohoda 2019
Pohoda 2019 will host also the Dutch ska-rock band Bazzookas. The band won the hearts of our visitors with their pop-up concerts, which take place in a school bus, already at Pohoda 2016 and 2018. We now call the band members our friends. A few months ago, without hesitation or claims for compensation, they agreed to perform at the Doma Dobre concert. At the beginning of January, they also helped promote Slovak music in Groningen, as its members also run the Pinguin Radio, which covered the concerts of bands Vojdi, The Wilderness, and Raptor Koch. We are very pleased that our Dutch friends are coming this year again to make dance the visitors of the Trenčín airport.

05. March 2019 Bazzookas at Pohoda 2019

Hardly anyone knew them before the year 2016, but we had the most positive reactions to their set at the festival. The affection was, obviously, mutual, as at the Reeperbahn 2017, the band awarded Pohoda the Bazzookas Award for the best festival they played. A school bus, around which they create a wonderful pop-up party every time they play, is typical for the band. You can find out all you need to know about them in a video from the Pohoda acoustic session series or their own aftermovie from this year's Pohoda.

Bazzookas are unbeatable record holders of the largest number of concerts during one edition of the festival. In addition to bus shows and the main concert on one of the larger stages, each time they also add something unexpected at the Pohoda acoustic session. Last time, they played for our visitors at showers in the morning. They showed their impressive musical and especially human dimension at the Doma Dobre concert. Not only did they make their way from the Netherlands and did not take a penny for their show, they performed as if playing for the biggest promoters and publishers. The audience, however, consisted of dancing concert visitors and homeless people. They will bring their infectious joy of playing and unbelievable energy also to Pohoda 2019.