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A unique world music phenomenon and a great man – Keith Flint – died
Keith Flint was a phenomenon, a unique character, a great singer, and a distinctive dancer. He was also an extraordinary person. Pleasant and friendly backstage, uncompromising and healthily aggressive on stage. We were honoured to have hosted him three times in Slovakia –  once in Bratislava and twice at Pohoda. Michal Kaščák, in response to this sad event, said: "The Prodigy made a revolution in music, for me they belong to the most important figures of musical history. It was my dream to have them at Pohoda. After the memorable year of 2005 we chose their concert as a gift for Pohoda’s twentieth birthday. It was joy to be a promoter when working with The Prodigy. I also saw the concert of Keith Flint’s solo punk project – the band Flint. Keith was a real punker, and I believe that just like Punks not dead is true, Keith Flint is not dead will always be true for me."  

04. March 2019 A unique world music phenomenon and a great man – Keith Flint – died

The Prodigy is a true legend of electronic music that has been setting trends of dance genres for over two decades. They got to metal clubs, underground basements, and to glittery discos and hipster parties. They crushed all prejudices, all doubts regarding the power and creativity of electronic music and its connection with a fierce live band. A few months ago, The Pordigy recorded another fantastic album, No Tourists, which became their seventh album in row that ranked first in the UK charts.

Reactions of the world stars:

Ed Simons (The Chemical Brother): “Oh gosh, so sad to hear about Keith Flint,” wrote “He was always great fun to be around and very kind to Tom and I when we first started doing shows together. Great man.”

Sleaford Mods: “Very sorry to hear of the passing of Keith Flint. Good night mate. Take it easy.”

Rou Reynolds (Enter Shikari): “Keith Flint you bloody legend. The Prodigy were one of the first big bands we supported years ago and Keith single-handedly shattered my presumption that big stars would have an arrogance and aloofness about them. He was so welcoming, sweet and passionate.”

Chase & Status: “Absolutely devastated to hear the tragic news that the legend Keith Flint from @the_prodigy has passed away. Our thoughts & condolences are with all his friends and family. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Keith and the life changing music they made and championed. RIP

FOTO: Martina Mlčúchová