Special coaches - suburban transportation

We’re preparing Pohoda commuter service that will connect Trenčín airport and Trenčianske Teplice again this year.

Commuter bus service passes for all three days (6 rides) are priced at 19 €. Pohoda commuter pass is valid for all festival days and guarantees that its holder will have a seat allocated in the bus. One-way tickets for commuter bus transport will be available as well. One ride will be priced at 5 €. You can pay for one-way tickets only in cash either when getting off the bus at the airport or getting on the bus during the departure from the airport. Price may slightly change before the festival, these prices are from 2018's edition setting.

Timetable from 2018:

Festival.Travel organizes transportation by coaches from the Netherlands and Belgium towards Pohoda Festival. The coaches depart each year on Wednesday, one day before the festival and return back on Sunday, one day after Pohoda festival.

Find more information and tickets on Festival.Travel