The festival offers enough food stalls with a complete range of dishes (including vegetarian dishes) and drinks. They will be located in several centres. Therefore, it is not necessary for visitors to bring their own food. Bringing glass bottles, glass jars, and blades to the festival is prohibited (for security reasons). There will be a sufficient number of covered refreshment tents to protect visitors from the rain and sun. A special food stall map including all the stalls will be published in the festival magazine .týždeň and on this website.

Types of food at the festival: 

- classic dishes such as grilled sausages, classic and stuffed langoš (fried sponge dough), hotdogs, potato pancakes, grilled oštiepok (special round-shaped cheese), 

- Slovak classic: halušky (dumplings made of potato dough), strapačky (smaller halušky), harula (small potato pancakes), pirohy (boiled stuffed pasta), šúľance (boiled soft rolled potato dough), podpecník (rising dough cakes baked in a clay oven)

- various kinds of burgers, French fries with different kinds of sauces, oven baked small meals, wraps, pastrami

- international cuisine: Italian pizza, Mexican burritos, quesadilla, Thai cuisine, Breton pancakes, Turkish kebab, Indian cuisine, gyoza

- favourite sweet snacks such perky (sweet filled pasta), doughnuts, crumpets, podpecník (rising dough cakes baked in a clay oven; also available with salty ingredients), buns, steamed buns, traditional baked buns from Zbojská, pancakes, strudel

- a large selection of vegetarian and vegan cuisine ranging from veg burgers to noodle and rice vegetarian and vegan dishes. 

- Fruits, vegetables, smoothies, fruit salads, scones...