PSS Fox Village - Tents

In cooperation with Prvá stavebná sporiteľňa, we’re introducing PSS Fox Village, which will provide spacious, fully-equipped tents with a waterproof floor that can accommodate 5 people. Tents will include mattresses, blankets, pillows, sheets, low seating, small table and solar LED lighting. Tents will also have windows with insect screens. During hot days, it is possible to roll up the side walls in order to air out the tent and cool its interior. The perks of opting for PSS Fox Village accommodation include reception with charger spot and also location: the village will be in close proximity to site and showers (in the first sector of a festival camping site Opatovce).

Tent rental for 3 days / 5 people is priced at 369 €. Starting today, you can purchase your tent through our Pohoda Shop.

You can rent also the same type of tents, but it is located in the Family Park camping, which is in a calm zone. You can buy one here.