Caravans and trailers

Caravan Park is located on the side of the tent camp close to the village of Opatovce, just behind the gates of the festival grounds (see the Maps section). It has its own reception and caravan owners can connect to electricity. Caravans must have a special parking sticker purchased (€99 presale). Upon producing it, the camp service allows them into the reserved sector. Visitors can come and go by car anytime, and, therefore, camping here is strictly forbidden - raised tents will be folded and stored at the closest camp manager office.

Trailer owners can choose from two options - if they want to connect to electricity, they must purchase parking for caravans and arrive directly at the caravan sector, while the car will be able to come and go at any time - which is why a parking sticker must be placed on the car windscreen. If you opt for the tent camp, you will have to push the trailer from the public parking lot to the tent camp - no additional payment for the trailer is required. The car that brings the trailer will have to be parked in the parking lot for the parking fees according to the selected sector (EUR 20/25/30/35 presale, or EUR 35 on site).

To sum up: If you want to be connected to the electricity in the caravan sector, you must purchase parking for caravans. If parking in the public parking lot is sufficient, you only need a standard sticker according to the selected sector (EUR 20/25/30/35 in presale, or EUR 35 on-site, for more information, see the Parking section). Trailer owners can push their trailer into the camping site (applicable only to trailers, not to motorhomes or caravans).