Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
Júlia Kozáková
Friday 20:15 | NAY tanečný dom

Júlia Kozáková SK

Júlia Kozáková is the current winner of the Radio_Head Awards in the World music genre category for the album Manuša. On the album, she interprets traditional Roma songs accompanied by exceptional Roma musicians.

„Manuša means people in the Roma language. People, the ancestors of the Roma, left us the songs to create this album. Written by life and confirmed by many generations. We are all people, too, regardless of origin or skin color. We live together on the same Earth and have many differences and peculiarities that can enrich each other. And so it has happened to me, a person without Roma roots, that I have been enriched on my journey by Roma traditional songs,“ says Júlia about her debut.

Since Júlia exceptionally connects the majority with the minority not only through music, we symbolically announce her as a performer at Pohoda 2023 today - on International Roma Day.

You may also know Júlia from the music projects SOLE, Velvet Case or O Gadže Bašaven. For several years, she also performed with Ida Kelarova's Roma choir, thanks to which she developed a strong relationship with Roma culture. In the past, you could also see her at Pohoda with this choir.