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Funny Fellows SK

Funny Fellows

Funny Fellows will arrive with a famous Slovak song Jaj, Zuzka, Zuzička at this year's Pohoda. We found that the bandleader is from Pezinok, he studied at secondary grammar school there, and looks for an inspiration in a glass of wine. Funny fellows sing and play about this and much more if they tie a tie, or sit on their oldtimer Barkas. During the festival you can also get a Funny Fellows T-shirt that they created specifically for the festival and will play a morning Friday concert while wearing it.

However, do not forget to come to gates opening on Thursday, where they will be welcoming all the festival-goers with their energy and cheerful mood. They deliver their music without any sound system and completely live and with elegant gracefulness. They are currently recording their next album and believe it will be as successful as Karavána (which won the Esprit Award in public’s voting) or Happy Feet. Happy arrangements are made by Roman Féder, Pali Ivičič, Daniel Valášek, Marek Berky and Milan Ruček. Their African-American singer Janika might come too.