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Vec in Café Kušnierik
One of the most distinctive figures of Slovak basketball, Vec, will perform in Café Kušnierik. He is one of the traditional artists at Pohoda, and Juraj Kušnierik was also extremely fond of him. He liked him so much that he even had some passionate arguments with certain members of the Pohoda team about him. Vec also proved his love for Pohoda when he wanted to create an allegorical parade on a garbage truck, which, fortunately, no one’s repeated after him, because it was the worst thing he’s created so far.

03. May 2019 Vec in Café Kušnierik

In 1997, Vec and Midi released album Trosky, which is now a hip-hop classics. In 2001, as a DJ, he made it to the DMC World Final in London. Later he began releasing music under a pseudonym, and his albums Dobré ráno (2005), Funkčný veterán (2008), and Stereo farbo slepo (2012) provided him with many opportunities to appear on stages mainly in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Last year he released a personal EP Domáce potreby, for which he received a Radio_Head Awards award in the Hip-hop/Rap/R'n'B category. His fans like his work because his music and lyrics are not full of ego, there are thoughts and opinions, all of that with a good dose of insight.