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Transmusic Comp.
Transmusic Comp. brings together different art forms and genres of music, studied and self- learned musicians, visual artists, dancers, performers, and authors of audiovisual projects. The group was founded in the mid-80s around the figures of conceptual art, such as Milan Adamčiak, Peter Machajdík, Martin Burlas, Michal Murin, and Peter Horváth.

30. May 2015 Transmusic Comp.

Their repertoire includes playing the usual instruments, electronics, computer music, realisation of musical graphics, instrumental theatre, and acoustic designs based on the sounds of conventional and found objects. The members of the group also use some of the 500 pieces of Milan Adamčiakʼs “home made” instruments that are made of materials commonly used in home. Their appearance at Bažant Pohoda 2015 will definitely delight the lovers of experimental music, and especially those for whom the Einstürzende Neubauten are way too mainstream. The performance will be given by Adamčiak Milan, Peter Machajdík, and Zbyněk Prokop.