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Tom Vek - multi-instrumentalist from the garage
Tom Vek is a self-taught London-based multi-instrumentalist.

03. February 2015 Tom Vek - multi-instrumentalist from the garage

He spent the 90s writing and rehearsing in his parents’ garage. 2005 saw the release of his debut album We Have Sound. TV series O.C. featured one of his songs (“I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes”) and Tom also contributed to the Grand Theft Auto IV soundtrack. A boy from garage made it to the front line of the electronic punk-rock uprising of the 2000s. His fans had to wait for the sophomore album till 2011 (Leisure Seizure). “A Chore” was the first single released from the album. Controversial track “Aroused” shocked with a romanticizing take on smoking. His latest record Luck offers “garage rock for the pro-tools generation.” Luck is a reminiscence of the 1990s enriched by the disillusion of Generation Y that is saturated by information but feels hunger for relationships… In other words, Tom Vek has dedicated himself to music for more than 20 years; he’s been on the scene for a decade and mixes these experiences with the rebellion of youth that still forms part of him.