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The reggae legend Ziggy Marley yo perform at Pohoda 2018
Almost four decades on the scene, 16 albums, 8 Grammy Awards, cooperation with artists such as Donna Summer, Flea, Erykah Badu... behind all of that is especially great music and life-affirmative approach to life that helped Ziggy Marley win millions of fans all over the world. Perhaps the most notable figure of reggae was passed the torch from his father, Bob Marley. Last year, he released a great eponymous album and last September, we could enjoy an appetiser of his this year's We Are The People Tour. Enjoy it too as you wait for the concert of the reggae legend at Pohoda 2018.

08. December 2017 The reggae legend Ziggy Marley yo perform at Pohoda 2018

Ziggy Marley recorded his first song with his siblings as an 11-year-old. Under the name “Melody Makers”, they released their fatherʼs song “Children Playing in the Streets” (all royalties from the single were pledged to the UN to support its efforts during the International Year of the Child). In 1979, he also had his premiere at Roots Rock Reggae in Kingston. After his fatherʼs death in 1981, he performed with The Wailers for a while. In 1985 he and his siblings released debut album “Play the Game Right”. Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers released 10 albums, two selections and one concert record. You can find there hits such as “Look Whoʼs Dancing”, “Tomorrow People”, and “Conscious Party”.

No less successful is his solo career, which includes six albums and four live albums. His last four albums each time ruled the US genre chart. Besides the eight Grammy Awards and one Emmy Award, he also won the George and Ira Gershwin Award (which he received in the Spring Sing competition at the University of California). Ziggyʼs career, however, is not just about recording albums and giving concerts. For example, the song “Believe in Yourself” was the title track of the childrenʼs series Arthur. He performed in Sesame Street, voiced Rasta jellyfish in the film Shark Tale, and also starred in the Hawaii Five-0 series. Ziggy is also known as the ambassador of many charity or environmental projects.

In May last year, he recorded the album Ziggy Marley. The unifying idea of ​​the latest studio album is perhaps best described by the song “Love is the rebel”. As Ziggy says, “When I was growing up, rebellion meant violence. Revolution brought about the violent and physical overthrow of the government. Nowadays, when everything is inclined to divide, love is actually the real rebellion that needs to be done, not to take up arms and fight. Everybody can do it... Love is the rebel”. AllMusic wrote about the album: “cool temperament and empowering mood of the album offer a life-affirming soul massage through music”. Ziggy Marley will offer it in just seven months at the Trenčín airport.