Airport Trenčín 11 — 13 July 2024
The Oozes at Pohoda 2024

The Oozes at Pohoda 2024

The Oozes are a young punk band from London, and they aren't ones to mince their words, because they create music on their own terms – honestly, passionately, and straight from the heart. While they originated from the DIY scene, their songs have garnered millions of listeners on streaming platforms. The Oozes serve as an example of how punk can still resonate with a younger audience by delivering straightforward messages through their music.

18. December 2023

The band consists of Tom Gilbert (vocals), Ciara Clarke (bass), Olly Chrich (drums), and Cherry Cicely (electric guitar). Notably, one of their singles- DBSAC was produced by Frank Turner, and they are currently working on a new EP.This young punk blood is definitely worth checking out, and as an added bonus, their live performances include some interesting cover versions of well-known songs.