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The Concert for Martina and Ján in Gregorovce
Richard Müller, Katarína Koščová, Slovak Chamber Orchestra of Bohdan Warchal, Folklore ensemble Šarišan, folklore ensemble Javorníček, and several choirs from all over Slovakia will perform on Saturday 18th May at the Concert for Martina and Ján that will be held in Gregorovce at Prešov. The concert will take place on the first anniversary of the planned wedding of Martina Kušnírová and Ján Kuciak.

15. May 2019 The Concert for Martina and Ján  in Gregorovce

The Slovak Chamber Orchestra of Bohdan Warchal led by Ewald Danel opened Pohoda 2018 with a concert dedicated to Ján and Martina. The set of the orchestra in Gregorovce will be similar: they will play the highlights of Baroque, Romantic, and Contemporary Slovak music, such as Vivaldiʼs Four Seasons, Musica Slovaca by Ilja Zeljenka, and Dvořákʼs Biblical Songs. During the performance, the choirs from all over Slovakia, including the local choir Gregos, will join the orchestra. There will also be the performance of the folklore ensemble Javorníček from Hvozdnica, the village adjacent to Štiavnik and the hometown of Ján Kuciak and Katarína Koščová. The main star will be Richard Müller, who will play a one-hour concert with the band that includes Juraj Kuchárek (drums), Peter Markuljak (guitars), Martin Gašpar (contrabass), Michal Žáček (wind instruments), and Martin Wittgruber (keyboards).

The event will begin at 3:00 PM with a mass in the local church of the Birth of Our Lady. The concert itself will start at 5:00 PM on a nearby football pitch. The event will be accompanied also by visual works—you will be able to see sculpture “They unified us” by Martin Dzurek and Jano Vajsábel, and installation “WE WILL NOT FORGET” by Michal Kačmár.

There will be a shuttle service available from 1:00 PM from the Prešov main station to Gregorovce and back with additional stops at Trojica and the Šariš Park in Veľký Šariš.

Programme of the Concert for Martina and Ján:

• 17.00 FS Šarišan a FSk Javorníček 
• 17.30 The Slovak Chamber Orchestra of Bohdan Warchal
+ choirs
• 19.00 Katarína Koščová
• 19.15 Richard Müller

Moderator: Ján Sklenár

“The concert held on the first anniversary of the planned wedding of Martina and Ján carries the symbol of getting together—on that day, they were going to bring together two families, and we believe that the event will bring together many people who care about our country. We want to commemorate these two young people and emphasise that we will not forget the reason of their death. We also wish to express our fellowship with their families and all those who were united by this tragic event in their effort to change Slovakia for better,” Michal Kaščák said about the upcoming concert.

The event is organised by Pohoda with the participation of the club Stromoradie and the village of Gregorovce.

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