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Thank you Martina and Ján #broughtustogether
Martina and Ján brought a lot of people together. We saw that at yesterday’s concert in Gregorovce where many visitors, artists, volunteers as well as production team came to pay tribute to them and express their togetherness with Martina and Ján’s relatives. Thank you so much. Most of all, we would like to thank the Kušnír and Kuciak families as well as other Martina and Ján’s relatives. We would like to thank artists, musicians and the host who all came to Gregorovce yesterday to perform gratis... 

06. May 2018 Thank you Martina and Ján #broughtustogether

We would like to thank the wonderful people of Gregorovce led by their mayor for their hospitality (local women, girls and goulash master), for perfect traffic coordination (fire department), for providing facilities (football club) and we also thank all the volunteers and Gregos choir. Our thank you goes to band Chiki Liki Tu-a for backline, to people from initiative “Za slušné Slovensko Prešov” and to Stromoradie club for helping us out during concert preparations. We would like to thank the local parish office and both concelebrating priests. We would also like to thank all the barmen, stallholders and companies who helped us with production: BV Audio (LED screen, roof, stage), NESTaudioONE (sound and lights), Filma (streaming), Energyrent (power generators), Ramirent (road lighting), Rayman Rescue Team (first aid), Wecko (toilets), Brahama guest house and Kolégium apartments for accommodating production team and artists in Prešov. Our thank you also goes to all the media, journalists, photographers, cameramen and others who helped us spread info about this event among people. You all turned Concert for Martina a Ján in Gregorovce into a special, unforgettable event. Thank you.

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FOTO: Martin smARTin Švec