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Slovenská Tepláreň continues with its second wave

Slovenská Tepláreň continues with its second wave

The second wave of the Slovenská Tepláreň initiative will take place across Slovakia in September 2023. At present, more than 710 supporters have joined this noble initiative. Any additional venues or art projects interested in participating can do so by simply sending an email to

07. September 2023

The Slovenská Tepláreň initiative was founded in response to the terrorist attack that occured outside the Tepláreň bar in Bratislava back in October. It continues to this day in the form of a series of Tepláreň Nahlas (Tepláreň Out Loud) discussions held in various regions of Slovakia. The symbolic start of its second wave unfolds today with the Tepláreň Naživo (Tepláreň Live) discussion, taking place right at the Tepláreň bar on Zámocká Street. Here, Lucia Pašková and Michal Kaščák will engage in a discussion hosted by Roman Samotný.

According to the organisers, the goals of Slovenská Tepláreň have not been achieved, so a second wave will be held from September 12 to 24. “Slovenská Tepláreň serves as a resounding message, emphasizing our desire to live in a free nation where everyone can exist comfortably without facing discrimination. The eleven months since the terrorist attack on Zámocká Street have sufficiently demonstrated who genuinely supports freedom in Slovakia, who seeks it not just for themselves, and who refrains from excluding any groups. It's important that the artistic community stands in unwavering support of LGBTI+ individuals. We believe that our voices will be heard and influence the selection of politicians governing Slovakia for the next four years,” says Michal Kaščák, the driving force behind Pohoda festival, which initiated this project.

"Almost a year after the murder of Matúš and Juraj, I don't perceive Slovakia as a better place to live in, nor do I believe it has learnt the lessons from that terrororist attack. Many politicians and public figures persist in targeting LGBTI+ individuals. With their words, they are creating a dangerous cocktail that will gradually poison the whole country. Despite their claims of traditional family values and love for the homeland, in reality, their hateful statements and lies serve only to break up Slovak families as LGBTI+ people are part of them too, and many are being kicked out of their own homes. But change is attainable, it's in our hands, we have to stand up to the poisonous words and look for ways to bring understanding and trust back into society,"  adds Roman Samotný, the founder and owner of the Tepláreň bar.

The Slovenská Tepláreň series of events have become the largest cultural event in the history of Slovakia, winning the Diversity Award for Arts and Culture and, in March, a special award at the Radio_Head Awards, presented by Rádio_FM for the first time in its fifteen-year history. It was also named Communications Achievement of the Year 2022 at the national Effie Marketing Communications Effectiveness Awards.

Initiative Statement:
Slovenská Tepláreň

We want to contribute to positive change in our country, which has been affected by hate crimes and the terrorist attack on October 12, when Matej Horváth and Juraj Vankulič were murdered.

We want Slovakia to be a country where everyone can feel safe and where belonging to a minority is accepted with respect as a natural part of society.

We would like to call on people to vote in the upcoming elections for those parties that unite society and that work to ensure that Slovakia fulfils the rights enshrined in our Constitution and in our European commitments for all people without discrimination.

We want to change the legislation so that it guarantees a full life for all people in Slovakia.

We want our support for LGBTI+ people to be heard, we believe in the power of art and civil society and that is why we are organising the second wave of Slovenská Tepláreň Festival.

The event will take place in September 2023 across Slovakia. The list of participating entities and events can be found on the web
You can register your club, bar, pub and other venue or art project for the Slovenská Tepláreň initiative at

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