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Sink Ya Teeth at Pohoda 2019
Pohoda 2019 will also see a UK post-punk-dance duo Sink Ya Teeth. In June 2018, Maria Uzor and Gemma Cullingford released their debut Hey Buffalo, which was listed in BBC’s Album of the Day and praised by the media such as Pitchfork, The Guardian, The Observer, Q Magazine or Mojo. In the column “One to watch”, The Guardian says their “take on punk-funk is as infectious as it is emotionally engaging”. In their music, Sink Ya Teeth mix post-punk bass links with electronic dance music, distinctive vocals, interesting harmonic keyboard structures and solo passages. 

03. January 2019 Sink Ya Teeth at Pohoda 2019

Tereza Maco discovered this band for us and describes them as follows: “For me, Sink Ya Teeth represent an archive of reference points: dance punk, dark discotheque threat, New Order synthetic ecstasy and cold-blooded Donna Summer. They managed to rumple the sounds of the 80s so good that I instantly felt like hopping”. In a review for Pitchfork, Larry Fitzmaurice compares them to Liquid Liquid, ESG or New Order and says: “If you have even a passing interest in the last 40 years of dance culture, Norwich duo Sink Ya Teeth’s debut is sure to sound familiar”. He concludes the review as follows: “Sink Ya Teeth are primed to make the past new again”.