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Saturday in the Club
Saturday is a promise of another busy schedule at the Club. You’ll get to see the up-and-coming artists of the European club scene Ross From Friends, KillASon, coucou chloe, Hungarian Gosheven, Slovak-Italian collab Unprofessional + Palmovka, Londoner living in Bratislava BZGRL, dark 0n0 as well as an amazing local producer Ink Midget.

09. June 2018 Saturday in the Club


BZGRL is Adam Juraszek, a Londoner living in Bratislava who makes a rhythmic dance music interwoven with sharp sound design, bombarding echoes of UK bass music and clusters of polyphonic figures. During his studies in The Hague, he was working on several projects and released his first EP Rendered Environment on label SØVN, full of algorithmic musique concrète and sound collages. After school he moved to Bratislava and, apart from other live projects, started focusing on DJing.

Gosheven (HU)

Gosheven is Bálint Szabó, a Budapest-based musicians who opened the sound of his guitar above its typical standards, He’s into intonation and atypical possibilities of tuning he also explores on his debut released on Opal Tapes. Blunted poetics and intimate self-analysis of his position in a sexual society, guitar, voice and elegant processing tell a story of metamorphosis and awareness of what in our short lives is important.

0n0 (SK)

0N0 combine heavy drop tuning guitar riffs with industrial discord and soundscapes. The result is a psychedelic mix of doom and metal, where agonizing rolling parts repeatedly alternate with explosions of blast-beat frenzy. In order to complement the atmosphere, all sorts of samples of atypical instruments or randomly found objects and field recording sounds are used. The current members have an album Reconstruction and Synthesis under their belt, which won them the 2016 Radio_Head Award in the category of Hard & Heavy.

coucou chloe (UK)

According to Pitchfork, “her breakneck club creations can leave dancers breathless in minutes.” Voguenamed her one of the most interesting producers in the London underground. French DJ, producer and vocalist coucou chloe released her debut EP Haloin the fall of 2016. NTS Radio fixture rose to fame thanks to track “Doom” which was part of the soundtrack for Rihanna Fenty x Puma show at New York Fashion Week. She’s recently released a playful experimental EP Erika Jane, which represents her best work to date. And she proves it during live performances as well as DJ sets. Pohoda 2018 festival-goers will get to see one as well.

KillASon (FR)

“Speaking of enthusiasm, no one artist of this year’s Great Escape hits the stage with as much energy as French rapper and dancer KillAson,” music portal The Quietus wrote in last year’s Great Escape festival report. This proved to be the case at this year’s Eurosonic as well and we saw KillASon’s dance moves at MaMA event in Paris, too. His performance is as eccentric as his talent for moves and fashion preferences. He knows his songs to the smallest details, which allows him to create a one-of-a-kind choreography. Influenced by the likes of Michael Jackson, Busta Rhymes, Outkast or Lil Wayne, he inclines to the melodic, energetic and dance form of hip-hop. Even though he performs solo, his impeccable English flow and happy moves fill the whole stage up. To give a better explanation of his music, we will use last year’s Pohoda artists: KillASon is an ideal visitor at Ho99o9, Princess Nokia and Tommy Cash birthday party.

Ross From Friends (UK)

The London producer Felix Weatherall, who’s performing with friends in group Ross From Friends, is coming to Pohoda as well. His lo-fi house is a mix of hip-hop samples, eurobeat of the 80s and nostalgia for the 90s sound. Ross From Friends already caught the attention of PitchforkMixmagResidentadvisorexclaim!and Bandcampmagazine. Track “Talk to Me You’ll Understand” has more than 3 million views on YouTube, which is a pretty good result for a nonmainstream genre. Nowadays, with unified, neatly dressed studio sound all around us, the wave of lo-fi house definitely brings fresh air to the scene. compares Felix’s lo-fi approach to work with triple compressed samples to “finding a photograph at a garage sale”. What is important is not the quality of shot but the story it tells and how it affects you. In July, he released a well-received EP The Outsiders. According to exclaim!, it “is serious club music wrapped in a kitschy package, playing out like a vision of house music’s future.” Soon after Pohoda (July 27) he’s going to release the long-awaited debut titled Family Portrait.

Unprofessional (IT) + Palmovka (SK)

Palmovka is a hobby project of artist, producer, journalist, organizer and co-founder of Baba Vanga and Easterndaze labels, Lucia Udvardyová. In her music, she reveals a dark underbelly of politics and new age of boredom via raw and deeply personal live electronica. Unprofessional is the state of the Italy-born and, in 2013, Berlin-exported mind. It lives on the floors of underground ghettos. It has a form of crooked, stroboscopic, obscure dance floor and will soon materialize in the form of vinyl via label Forbidden Planet.

Ink Midget (SK)

Ink Midget is a producer, DJ and member of Mäss collective. His latest EP Endless Gruntsreleased via the fast-growing Austrian label Ashida Park brings a drift of southern rhythms such as kuduro and reggaeton. His eclectic DJ sets are a celebration of diversity and remind you of a graduation meetup of Ciara, Rytmus and Sd Laika after four coffees at Nová Cvernovka.