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Pohoda Party with Lola Marsh in just one month
In just a month, the Autumn Pohoda Party will take place in Košiceʼs Tabačka club and the A4 club in Bratislava. This Israeli band is so popular that the tickets for their concert in the A4 club sold out already three months before the event. However, we still do have tickets for the Pohoda Party in Košiceʼs Tabačka club that will take place on 17 October. In addition to Lola Marsh, you can also look forward to a nice mix of dream pop and acoustic music delivered by Slovak band Tolstoys.  You can purchase tickets here:

19. September 2017 Pohoda Party with Lola Marsh in just one month

Lola Marsh made it, in just a couple of years, from a relatively unknown band to one of the most popular bands among Pohoda visitors. On 9 June, they released their debut album Remember Roses, whose success was immediately reflected in the ever-growing interest in this fantastic band. Their songs at Spotify are listened to by 700,000 people a month. Gil described the album for the Life on Stage portal: “As for our music, we try to focus on beautiful things in life. We want to make people happy and create emotions in them”. Their concerts are a proof that they do well.

Similarly to Lola Marsh, also Tolstoys won us the first time we saw them play live (in the Ráno na eFeMku radio programme). They received a great feedback already after their premiere concert at Pohoda. They are currently preparing for the Waves Vienna showcase festival and are working on a debut album that should be released this autumn.

We are looking forward to seeing you on 17 October in the Tabačka club in Košice and on 18 October in the A4 club in Bratislava.